1. Together Plus Mute by Ivy Lab on Teacup E.P (20/20LDN)
  2. Rashad Shall Reincarnate by Nelson Bandela on (Black James Blake EP (self released)
  3. Blxck Kxt Remix Ft Lord Narf by Khx05 Ft Lord Narf (Never Normal)
  4. Don't Hurt Nobody (feat. Honcho Brando) by Ase Manual on Black Liquid Electronics (Like That)
  5. Featured hey!!! by DJ Chap on rolitas 3 (self released) New
  6. No Hesitation [MØØ2] by Sister Zo on New World Dysorder WW1 (New World Dysorder)
  7. El Chavo Loco by Gonzalo Silva & Tim Dolla (Like That)
  8. Signaling by PlayPlay on Signaling (self released)
  9. HOT IN HERRE (SKETCHY CLUB REMAKE) by NELLY (self released)
  10. NO ES FACIL by OSSX on FROM THE VAULT EP (self released)
  11. Is U Madonna by Van Roy on Boot Legs 001 (Special Blends)
  12. Scream by DJ Milton (Dance Mania)
  13. Close To Me by Loraine James on Bits and Bob's Your Uncle (self released)
  14. Head Top by SHYBOI on Rave Down Babylon (self released)
  15. Happily Ever After by Sam Binga & Emz on Emz N Frenz (Pineapple)
  16. Featured Get Down by Eric Uh (self released) New
  17. Don't Go (KLAM Mix) by Awesome 3 on Don’t Go ’94 (City Beat)
  18. Hackney Parrot (Disaffected Bootleg) by Tessela (Self released)
  19. in this house by DJ Deeon on Funk City (Dance Mania)
  20. Pro Spacemaker VIP by Farsight on Simply001 (Simply Deep)
  21. lizalfos by SEPHA on JBDUBZ Vol. 8 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  22. Hella Good by Bored Lord on in case we never get to rave again (self released)
  23. Steppin' by Cakedog on Bad Dog (self released)
  24. Majid Jordan A Place Like This Edit by CalvoMusic on ReDrops (NewClubWaves)
  25. If the Shoe Fits by DJ SWISHA on Clout Psychosis (self released)
  26. Tango in Midnight by Sepha on JBDUBZ Vol. 7 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  27. Inside by Private Caller on Hooversound Presents- Private Caller & Mani Festo - (Hooversound)
  28. Floydian Slip by JADALAREIGN on Source of Nurture (Chroma)
  29. DIGITAL 2. Long Dark Tunnel (Darkside Mix) by Tom Jarmey on Lurk EP (Lobster Theremin)
  30. Featured building a fire by DJ Chap on rolitas 3 (self released) New
  31. Turbulence (Heavee Remix) by Khx05 on Blxck Kxt Remix EP (Never Normal)
  32. Funky Groove by Heavee on TRAKPAK V5 (self released)
  33. Luna Lazuli by Jelee on Space Book (self released)
  34. Linus & Lucy by Coco Bryce on A Myor Massiv Christmas (Myor)
  35. Featured all i need by DJ Chap on rolitas 3 (self released) New
  36. Featured do u still care by DJ Chap on rolitas 3 (self released) New
  37. Ocarina by DJ Paypal on Fuck It More Muzik, vol. 2 (self released)
  38. Featured the 3021 by DJ Chap on rolitas 3 (self released) New
  39. Featured BEAT DAT SHIT UP by DJ Corey on Raw Trax Vol. 4 (Beatdown House) New
  40. Arena by HomeSick on Isolation Tape (BSTS)
  41. Featured boris by dj chap on rolitas 3 (self released) New
  42. come back by dj paypal on fuk it more muzik (self released)
  43. Featured Feelings (It’s Okay) by Eric Uh (self released) New
  44. Featured check one 2 one 2 feat. loprofile by DJ Chap on rolitas 3 (self released) New
  45. Featured sofcore by DJ Chap on rolitas 3 (self released) New
  46. Featured 2 can win by DJ Chap on rolitas 3 (self released) New
  47. Water Broken (The Opening of the Stargate) by Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program on Stargate Music (Leaving Records)
  48. Just Be Thankful by HAI & MaFuego on EXT-001 (Extensión)
  49. Verchiel by Rafinsky on Traxmex Vol. 5 (Juke MX)
  50. Featured GOOD VS EVIL by Traxman (self released) New
  51. Joker by Robot Samurai on EXT-001 (Extensión)
  52. RBGY by GHSTSHRK on GHST EP (self released)
  53. Featured Vice Spirit by Krush Juke on San Breakbeat (The Big Fresh Collective) New