Episode 54


  1. Mele Kalikimaka by Kacey Musgrave on A Very Kacey Christmas (Mercury Records)
  2. With Bells On by Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers on Once Upon A Christmas (Sony Music)
  3. My Favorite Things - Stereo Version by The Supremes on Soul For Christmas (UMG Recordings, Inc.)
  4. Love A Go Go by Stevie Wonder on Up-Tight (Motown Records)
  5. Superego by Harvey Sutherland on Superego (Clarity)
  6. Finer Things by Sateen on Sateen (Sateen)
  7. It's The Light by Gavin Turek on Good Look For You - EP (Madame Gold)
  8. Coconuts by Kim Petras on Coconuts (Amigo Records)
  9. Stop Fantasy (1983 Club Vinyl Mix) by Plustwo on Stop Fantasy (1983 Vinyl Mix) (Plustwo)
  10. You Can Do It by Cola Boyy, nit on Prosthetic Boombox (Record Makers)
  11. Gotta Gimme Your Love by Sateen on Gotta Gimme Your Love (Lipstick Angel)
  12. Pillow Talk by Lustt (Essential Media Group LLC)
  13. Tainted by Cowgirl Clue on Icebreaker (Vada Vada)
  14. I Felt Love by Blue Hawaii on Under 1 House (Arbutus Records Inc.)
  15. New Paradise by Harvey Sutherland on Bermuda (Clarity Recordings)