The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Unto Others & DJ 16 Bit (Miami) 1/11/22


  1. Give Me To The Night by Unto Others on Mana (Roadrunner)
  2. Warsaw by Joy Division on Substance (Factory)
  3. Insanity by Oingo Boingo on Boingo (Giant)
  4. Signals by Holygram on Modern Cults (Cleopatra)
  5. The Spangle Maker by Cocteau Twins on The Pink Opaque (4AD)
  6. Puppy Love by Unto Others on Don't Waste Your Time II EP (Lone Fir)
  7. Walk Away by The Sisters Of Mercy on First And Last And Always (Merciful Release)
  8. Krampus (RMX 2021) by Centhron (Scanner)
  9. Blood Ocean by Ghosting on Black Romantic (Ghosting Office)
  10. Die Strasse Der Verdamnis by Dorsetshire on Das Letzte Gefecht (Off Beat)
  11. Gottes Tod by Das Ich on Die Propheten (Danse Macabre)
  12. Why by Unto Others on Strength (Roadrunner)
  13. Spiders by Ashbury Heights on Morningstar In A Black Car (Out Of Line)