World of Echo Episode 172


  1. Slow Heart by Peter Zummo on Lateral Pass (Foom)
  2. Lazuli by Lucy Railton & Kit Downes on Subaerial (SN)
  3. Jaguar Unseen by Roy Montgomery on Temple IV (Kranky)
  4. Pellucity by Bill Dixon on Vade Mecum (Soul Note)
  5. Broken Heart by Alexander "Skip" Spence on Oar (Sony)
  6. Under & Over by David Murray & Milford Graves on Real Deal (DIW Records)
  7. We’ll live through the long, long days, and through the long nights” (And when our last hour comes we’ll go quietly) by Eiko Ishibashi on Drive My Car OST (Newhere Music)
  8. The Diamond Sea by Sonic Youth on Washing Machine (Geffen)