The B0ardcast Episode 35


  1. Birds Shit Then Sing by The Hairs on Birds Shit Then Sing (Old Flame)
  2. Break
  3. Chemical Waste by Arm Candy on Arm Candy (Visit
  4. Pilgrim by Radical Boy on SMUT EP (Visit
  5. Edgar by Thee MVPs on Edgar (Visit
  6. Into the One by Pinact on Stand Still and Rot (Visit
  7. Abstract Notions by SAUNA YOUTH on DISTRACTIONS (Upset The Rhythm)
  8. Steve Hockett by Toxic Mud on Radical Boy / Steve Hockett (Visit
  9. Baby, I'm Manic by Listen Lady on Listen Lady 7 (Visit
  10. Girl Space Friend by Adult Books on Adult Books (Visit
  11. Summer Hatin' (Happened so Fast) by Benny The Jet Rodriguez on Home. Run. ( Song ID: 239569514)
  12. Ideal Weekend by The Girl Fridas on The Girl Fridas Love You (Visit
  13. I Heard You're Gonna Leave Him by Joey Ghostly on Tales from Dumpster Beach (Visit
  14. Boy Like Me by Guantanamo Baywatch on Darling…It's Too Late (Visit
  15. The Only Statue Cleaner in this Town by The Thyme Machine on Wake Up with The Thyme Machine (Visit
  16. East Kilbride (All Summer Long) by The Just Joans on Buckfast Bottles In The Rain ( Song ID: 229573663)
  17. Neon Fruit by Magic Potion on Melt EP (Visit
  18. Deluded by The Ocean Party on Soft Focus (Visit
  19. and I tried by generifus on I don't have to worry (Visit
  20. San Francisco by Foxygen on We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic (label)
  21. Hey Joan by The Stammer on Days In Between (Visit
  22. Carnival by The Pooches on Smoochin' with The Pooches (Visit
  23. Banshee by Talkie Walkie on banshee (Visit
  24. I Can't Hide My Love by coffee garden on A Perfect Day for Bluebird (Visit
  25. Pitching by Vital Idles on DEMOS (Visit
  26. Break
  27. Goodbye! by Let's Say We Did on Hello Creatures (Visit
  28. Break
  29. Where to Run by Secret Crush on Secret Crush (Visit
  30. soft power (demo) by LVL UP on DARK SIDED STUFF (Visit
  31. I Love You by Franny & Zooey on Bottled Up And Ready To Go (Visit
  32. Bigger Than An Ocean by Go Sailor on Go Sailor ( Song ID: 229025686)
  33. Girl #3 by All girl summer fun band on All girl summer fun band (K records)
  34. Perfect Patch by Honey Bucket on Futon (Visit
  35. 1,000,000,000 Kisses (Half Japanese) by Honey Bucket on Honey Bucket Plays the Classics (Visit
  36. The One I Love by The Choo Choo Trains on Foggymotion (Visit
  37. becky cool by kurt on kurt plays art show alone (Visit
  38. Ode to Bei Bei by Baby Mollusk on Baby Mollusk and the Big Babies (Visit
  39. Seems Like We're Always Starting Over by The Reds, Pinks & Purples on A Fruits & Flowers Three-Way (Visit