Spin the bottle sessions episode 21! feat dj chade

Welcome most graciously to this revolving door of a mix between me and the artist formerly know as "Chade "coming from the doors of the make out room to the radio show as dj fake id spinning tunes and talking nonsense on the spin the bottle session


  1. feels so good feels so right by Phoebe cates on Phoebe cates (self released)
  2. high you can't buy by boom ! on boom! (hover craft)
  3. lose my mind by the spits on the spits (self released)
  4. she took my heart and soul by the premonitions on the premonitions (bicker ton records)
  5. filling time by self improvement on self improvement (self released)
  6. animal man by Kim foley on Kim foley (umg)
  7. bennys here by natural child on okey dokey (redeye world wide)
  8. ain't got a groove part1 by James brown (king records)
  9. mama soul by soul surviors on soul survivors (umg)
  10. street casino by max pain and the groovies on street casino (the orchard enterprise)
  11. wish you would by David bowie on David bowie (umg)
  12. can't tame me by the benders on the benders (cd baby)
  13. I want to kill you by David peel and the lower eatside on American revolution (broadcast music)
  14. you little nothing by the gories on bug house 45 (get hip recordings)
  15. charlyne by mister heavenly on out of love (sub pop records)
  16. 69 faces of love by king khan and the shrines on what is (merge media)
  17. party band by white fang on younger (gnar tapes)
  18. matter of time by surfer blood on surfer blood (self released)
  19. bow down and die by almighty defenders on Almighty defenders (wmg)
  20. stuffs tuff by tuff stuff on tuff stuff (self released)
  21. rolling stoned by bridez on bridez (self released)
  22. come on lets go by girls school on girls school (umg)
  23. hell by buzzed light beer on buzzed light beer (self released)
  24. hey sailor by the Detroit cobras on life love and leaving (umg)
  25. sensitivity by worn tin on phanthomgoria (tune core)
  26. first tears of saint Lauren by king khan and pat meteor on king khan and pat meteor (sub pop)
  27. fantasy man by baby blue on rock and roll fever (umg)
  28. jinx by pork belly on pork belly (willhouse records)
  29. politics by girls at our best on girls at our best (self released)
  30. politics by Michelle blades on visitor (midnight special records)
  31. ando meio desligado by os mutantes on os mutantes (umg)
  32. I don't want no body to give me nothing (open up the door 'ill get it myself ) by James brown (king records)
  33. world on fire by tilden on tilden (self released)
  34. track 1 by Toyota on toyota (self released)
  35. Chinese checkers by booker t and mgs (stacks)
  36. self improvement by self improvement on self improvement (self released)
  37. stb session by stb sessions on stb sessions (spin the bottle mag)
  38. ghost ghost by matt holly wood and the bad feelings on matt hollywood and the bad feelings (wave pop)