Indierockgirl Radio - 1.30.22

The best new indie rock tunes, just as the name implies!


  1. The Universe by Death Valley Girls on Under the Spell of Joy (Suicide Squeeze)
  2. Athena by Tristen on Aquatic Flowers (Mama Bird Recording)
  3. 7ft tall post suicidal feel good blues by Nancy on 7ft tall post suicidal feel good blues (B3SCI)
  4. Mellow Gold (Al Lover Remix) by The Prefab Messiahs, Al Lover on Mellow Gold: Al Lover at the Controls (The Prefab Messiahs)
  5. Destination by Felt on Felt (Akarma)
  6. The Birds by Rick Cuevas on The Birds (Numero Group)
  7. Make Worry for Me by Matt Sweeney & Bonnie on Superwolves (Drag City)
  8. Heart of Mine by Calvin Love on Lavender (Hidden Treasure Recordings)
  9. Trade of Hearts by Thee Sacred Souls on Trade of Hearts (Penrose Records)
  10. Kids Fallin' in Love by Dope Lemon on Rose Pink Cadillac (Angus Stone)
  11. K-Hole Lobotomy by Pink Mexico on K-Hole Lobotomy (Lobster Tooth)
  12. Big Big Baby by King Hannah on Big Big Baby (City Slang)
  13. Mohamodou Lo and His Children by Wau Wau Collective on Yaral sa Doom (Sahel Sounds)
  14. World Best - Radio Edit by Ben von Wildenhaus on World Best - Radio Edit (Globos)