Casually Crying - Episode 174 - Rex Orange County, Rayana Jay, Orville Peck, Bad Tiger

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  1. That's Alright by Ed Crook on That's Alright (Numero Group)
  2. Fire Island by Blush on Blush (Arrowhawk)
  3. Break
  4. Worried by Maggie Gently on Peppermint (Refresh) New Local
  5. Out of the Blue by Freak Slug (OH) New
  6. No News No Blues by Paul Cherry, Sunset Rollercoaster (Sunset Music Productions) New
  7. Featured KEEP IT UP by Rex Orange County (Sony) New
  8. Featured STFU (feat. JANE HANDCOCK) by Rayana Jay on Last Call (Rayana Jay) New Local
  9. Break
  10. Velvet Illusions by The Velvet Illusions on Acid Head (Cherry)
  11. Stay Away by The Mystic Tide on Stay Away (Numero Group)
  12. It's A Sweet Love by Donnie, Fonnie & La Vorn on It's A Sweet Love (Numero Group)
  13. Let's Get Together Again by Carol Hughes (Numero Group)
  14. Bound by The Ponderosa Twins Plus One on Eccentric Sound: The Saru Label (Numero Group)
  15. Break
  16. Medicine by Momma (Polyvinyl)
  17. Christine by EERA on Reflection of Youth (Big Dads)
  18. Jonny (Reprise) by Faye Webster on Atlanta Millionares Club (Secretly Canadian)
  19. Featured Take You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call) by Orville Peck on Pony (Sub Pop)
  20. Body Language by Mint Green (Pure Noise) New
  21. Break
  22. Glory by Snail Mail on Valentine (Matador)
  23. Featured Clear Vision by Bad Tiger (Brace Cove) New Local
  24. Fragile by Brunette Champion on The Luxury of Living Slow (bianca ocampo) New
  25. I Want My Jacket Back by Papercuts (Slumberland) New Local
  26. Nowhere Near by Yo La Tengo on Painful (Matador)
  27. Break
  28. Thanks for Listening by Diners on Leisure World (LAUREN)