Flow Radio: Home Coming

Welcoming back to the show for a special guest appearance...

Drum roll...



  1. Intro and Catching up with Philthy by Dr. Moo on Flow Radio (bff.fm)
  2. Sherbert Sunset by Little Simz on GREY Area (Age 101 Music)
  3. Doll by Sonia Calico on Desert Trance - EP (Muti Music)
  4. Counting by Gallant on Ology (Mind Of A Genius)
  5. Rusted Railway by Dirtwire on Dirtwire (Beats Antique Records)
  6. From Here to Fame (feat. YZ) by Aim on Cold Water Music (Grand Central Records)
  7. Backseat Ridin' by Witchitaw Slim, Jay McCants & Ham on Golden Palm Trees - EP (1118528 Records DK)
  8. Who Got Me by Alina Baraz on It Was Divine (Mom+Pop)
  9. Church by Kota the Friend on Everything (FITbys)
  10. Eupheme by NK Music on Sagitarius (NK Music)
  11. Luv (sic) by Nujabes on Luv(sic) Hexalogy (Hydeout Productions)
  12. Game of Survival by Ruelle (Ruelle Music)