1. In My Head by Tommy Guerrero on Loose Groove and Bastard Blues (Too Good)
  2. Abejita by Louda y Los Bad Hombres on Abejita (LOUDA Music)
  3. Lobster by Classic Hat on Classic Hat (1076612 Records DK)
  4. Feed Me by Earth Girl Helen Brown on Earth (Empty Cellar)
  5. Ballet of Apes by Brigid Dawson & THe Mothers Network on Ballet of Apes (Castle Face)
  6. Twin Mime by New Candys on Vyvyd (New Candys)
  7. Beating The Bull by Michael Michael Motorcycle on Beating The Bull (Michael Michael Motorcycle)
  8. Eezy Breezy by Sarah Coolidge on Turning Up, Turning Out (self released)
  9. Bell Pepper by Bad Tiger on Bell Pepper (Brace Cove Records)
  10. Sneaker Wave by M. Jones and the Melee on Keep A Weather Eye (M Jones and the Melee)
  11. Confused Humans by Grooblen, Rudd on Confused Humans (ruddonthebeat & grooblen prod.)
  12. Montagues and Catapults by Ariel Wang on Bridges (Ariel Wang)
  13. When You Wash Your Hair by Matt Maltese on Krystal (Tonight Matthew)
  14. For You by girlpuppy on For You (Player Two)
  15. In The Beginning by Silver Synthetic on Silver Synthetic (Third Man)
  16. Wings of Love by Half Stack on Wings of Love (Forged Artifacts)
  17. I Will Make You Mine by Yea-Ming and The Rumours on I Will Make You Mine (Yea-Ming and The Rumours)
  18. Lack Of Touch by North Morlan on Tanline (North Morlan)
  19. I'm Not Living in the Past Anymore by Holy Wave on Interloper (The Reverberation Appreciation Society)
  20. Keep It Easy by Killer Whale on Casual Crush (Gaylord's Party Music)
  21. Dolphin by Nordista Freeze on Big Sky Pipe Dream (Nordista Freeze)
  22. Plaid Pants by The Black Tones (Self-released)
  23. I Thought You Were My Boyfriend by Magnetic Fields on i (Nonesuch)
  24. The Dreaming Moon by The Magnetic Fields on Get Lost (Merge)
  25. Three-Way by Magnetic Fields on Distortion (Nonesuch)
  26. Walk a Lonely Road by The Magnetic Fields on Realism (Nonesuch)