clementine & more indiepop — 31


  1. Time Goes Slow by Golden Grrrls on Golden Grrrls (Slumberland)
  2. Every Week by The Happy Birthdays on Hit Music Only (Heavenly Pop Hits)
  3. Deli Dream by Sourpatch on Mira Mija EP (Happy Happy Birthday To Me)
  4. So Much Fun by Sunny Summer Day on Me, Myself And The Empty Soul (Letterbox)
  5. Sad Valentine by No Vacation on Summer Break Mixtape (Sensitive Boy)
  6. Josephine's Shop by My Little Airport on Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel (Elefant)
  7. Wish I Had by Change of Seasons on Seahorses (RRFM)
  8. Changing by Bulldozer Crash on Today Will Be Yesterday So Soon: 1991​-​1993 (Jigsaw)
  9. Upside Down in an Empty Room by The Reds, Pinks and Purples on Summer At Land's End (Slumberland)
  10. Wishing Well by Glo-Worm on Glimmer (K)
  11. Friends by The Set Designers on Songs By The Set Designers (Penpal Recordings)
  12. Sugar Paste by Aikagi on Waterproof Leak (Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)
  13. Hushed by A Certain Smile on Fits & Starts (My Lil Underground)
  14. Easier Said by Sunflower Bean on Human Ceremony (Fat Possum)
  15. 5AM Empanada with You by Bubble Tea and Cigarettes on 5AM Empanada with You (Elefant)