ugliest son radio — Episode 1 — no frills, just thrills & noise pop bops

Welcome to the first ever ugliest son radio broadcast. Today, we'll be featuring some heavy hitting local acts playing Noise Pop this year, and others with rad shows comin up. It's gonna be heavy.

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  1. I Get Nervous by Lost Sounds on Lost Sounds (In The Red)
  2. This Ain't No Picnic by Minutemen on Double Nickels on the Dime (SST)
  3. First of All by Japanther on Beets, Limes, and Rice (Recess Records)
  4. King of the Sea by Shannon and the Clams on Sleep Talk (1-2-3-4-GO!) Local
  5. Zubra by Yip Roc on Zubra (single) (Butler Records)
  6. Featured Whiskey Priest by Egg Drop Soup on Egg Drop Soup (Self-released)

    Starting a tour in march!

  7. Suck by Priests on Nothing Feels Natural (Sister Polygon Records)
  8. Acid In Marin by Nobody's Baby on Acid In Marin (Tiger Dream) Local
  9. Midnight Kino by Maniac on Midnight Kino (Self Released)
  10. Wild Worry by The Atom Age on Hot Shame (Asian Man Records) Local
  11. Organ Donor by Trash Vampires on Orange Krush (Self-released) Local
  12. Home is Where (Middle Class) by Middle-Aged Queers on Gary's Satanic Mill (self released) Local
  13. Jenny Flores by Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs on Loud + Fast (Self-released) Local
  14. ELEPHANT BALL by Moms With Bangs on ELEPHANT BALL (Self-released)

    New Local Shows on 2/18 @ Brick & Mortar, and 2/19 at The Knockout

  15. Break
  16. Featured Rickey Spence by Goof on Kill 'Em All (Self-released)

    Local Show at Golden Bull on 2/20

  17. Featured Put Me on Snapchat News by Surprise Privilege on White Girl Music (Self-released)

    Local Show on 2/18 at the phoenix

  18. Featured Be in a Band by Analog Dog on Cat's Out of the Bag (Self-released)

    Local Noise pop bop; Playing Bender's on 2/22 and Starline on 2/20

  19. Featured Creature by Thank You Come Again on Thank You Come Again EP (Self-released)

    Local Noise pop bop — playing Benders on 2/22

  20. Featured Hell by Buzzed Lightbeer on Hell (Self-released)

    Local Noise pop bop, Playing BotH on 2/25

  21. Featured Pass the Remote by Sarchasm on Help, I Need an Adult! (Self-released)

    Local Noise pop bop; show at BotH on 2/25

  22. Featured Red Figure by Fauxes (Self Release)

    Local Noise Pop bop; Show at Bender's 2/24

  23. Featured Stone Cold by Columba Livia on Midnight Reveals (Self-released) Local
  24. Featured My Mind's Fucked by Teen Choice Awards on Teen Choice Awards (Sifter Grim)

    Local Playing a show tonight!

  25. Consumed by George Crustanza on Summer of George 2018 (Self-released) Local
  26. Ants by Juicebumps on Jelly (Self-released) Local
  27. Hurt People by Mayya & the Revolutionary Hell Yeah! on Opposing the Numb (Self-released) Local
  28. Por Mi Culpa (Una Cancion Punk Que Salvara el Mundo) by Carrion Kids on Por Mi Culpa (Una Cancion Punk Que Salvara el Mundo) (Single) (Hotel)

    Cool new single from band out of Mexico City! It is a punk song that will literally save the world.

  29. A Child and His Lawnmower by Dead Kennedys on Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (Alternative Tentacles)
  30. Urban Struggle by The Vanndals on Peace Thru Vandalism (Kung Fu Records)
  31. Featured Hey Sa-Lo-Ney by The Detroit Cobras on Life, Love And Leaving (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

    RIP Rachel Nagy

  32. Featured Antifreeze by Tree Shelf on Antifreeze (Single) (Self-released)

    New Local band out of Nashville playing some cool power pop.

  33. I Feel Therefore I Am by The Cowboys on Volume 4 (Drunken Sailor)
  34. Unsmart Lady by Dry Cleaning on New Long Leg (4AD)
  35. Mire Nena by Prettiest Eyes on Pools (Castle Face)
  36. Hippie Vomit Inhaler by Surfbort on Bort to Death (Hozac)