b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 22)

sunday funday babay


  1. Saturday Yawning by flowerovlove (Self-Release)
  2. Momo by Hubert Lenoir on Darlene (Simone Records)
  3. Lofi by JW Francis on We Share A Similar Joy (Sunday Best Recordings)
  4. Someday Morning by Pole Vault (Computer Lab)
  5. Pismo by Tino Drima on Pismo (Park the Van) New Local
  6. Le château by Ginger Root on Rikki (Acrophase)
  7. Cheers by The Slaps (Self-release)
  8. Thinking of You by Lofi Legs on Leg Day (WWNBB) New Local
  9. Dirty Water by Marbled Eye (Hardly Art) New Local
  10. Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) by Unknown Mortal Orchestra on II (Jagjaguwar)
  11. Tried And True by Ween on Quebec (Schnitzel Records)
  12. Soft Science by Pearl & The Oysters on Flowerland (Feeltrip Records) New
  13. Driving to Hawaii - Juniper Version by Summer Salt (Cherry Lime Records) New
  14. Scenic Route by Blues Lawyer on Scenic Route (Vacant Stare Records) Local
  15. Wolfcat by Still Woozy on Wolfcat (Interscope Records)
  16. Bay Boys by Hot Flash Heat Wave (Self Released) New Local
  17. Vickie by Peach Pit (Columbia Records) New
  18. Lightning of July by Baird on Lightning of July (Orioles Magic & EQT Recordings) New
  19. Shy by Hether (Hether4theweather)
  20. Cosmic Thunder by Blue Material on Blue Material (Self Released)
  21. Balloon by Crumb on Ice Melt (Crumb Records)
  22. Roddy by Djo (Self Released)
  23. natural born chaotic cutie by april flowers (self released) New Local
  24. Hey Girl by Cullen Omori on New Misery (Sub Pop)
  25. Lonely Mess by Laundry on Affirmation (Echo Hill)
  26. Sci Fi by The Symposium (The Symposium)
  27. Wings by So!YoON!, Phum Viphurit (Magic Strawberry Sound)
  28. delicate creature by iogi on the ceiling (Raw Tapes Records)
  29. Grow Forever by Lizette & Quevin (Big Crown)
  30. Baby Baby by Sports on Get A Good Look (Naked Records) New
  31. Arizona by Corn on My Dinner Plate (Self Released)