Hot Damn! Episode 34

Crying on the dance floor

Featuring: Rome in Silver, Mall Grab, DJ Seinfeld, SOPHIE, fred again.. and more!


  1. Recto Verso – Mall Grab Remix by Paradis, Mall Grab on Recto Versions (Barclay)
  2. Emanate by spüke (Self-released)
  3. Tell Me One More Time by DJ Seinfeld on Mirrors (Ninja Tune)
  4. Bring The Thunder – Rome in Silver Remix by Ishi, Rome in Silver (Self-released)
  5. Faisal (Envelops Me) by Fred again.. on Actual Life 2 (February 2 - October 15 2021) (Atlantic)
  6. Never Be The One by Rome in Silver, Lhasa Petik on Makeshift moon (Bitbird)
  7. It’s So Good by Blackbird Blackbird (Sonder House)
  8. Nothing More to Say – Dub by SOPHIE (Huntleys & Palmers)
  9. Thru Your Mind by Bassboy, Sâlo (ReBearth Records)
  10. Black Rain - Jayda G Remix by Rhye, Jayda G (Loma Vista Recordings)
  11. The Best Rapper Alive by Dj Streaks (Barbeque)
  12. U by Dj Seinfeld on Time Spent Away From U (Lobster Fury)