Sounds In The Dark - 3.9.22

Tonight's edition features some fantastic new music from Masayoshi Fujita, Loscil, The Black Dog, zake + City of Dawn, Andrew Tasselmyer, Slowly Rolling Camera and lots more!


  1. Still by Loscil on The Sails, Pt. 1 (Scott Morgan)

    New Part 1 of a two-parter featuring music from various dance projects Morgan was commissioned to produce music for.

  2. A Force For Good by Slowly Rolling Camera on Where The Streets Lead (Edition Records)

    New Super nice track from their 2021 record. Love the keyboards low in the mix, gives a great sort of texture to the sound.

  3. Agfacolor by Ambient Jazz Ensemble on A J E (Here & Now Recordings)

    Lovely record from 2017, AJE's second full-length.

  4. Long Singing by Fridge on Happiness (Text Records)

    Closing track from a pre-Four Tet Kieran Hebden favorite.

  5. Our Own Private Libraries by Andrew Tasselmyer on Limits (LAAPS) New
  6. Grey Not Green by The Black Dog on Concrete Reasoning EP (Dust Science)

    New The Black Dog is/are awesome. This is from its/their new EP.

  7. Hymn No. II by zake + City of Dawn on Tape Hymns (Zake Drone Recordings)

    New Sweet collab between zake and City of Dawn - something like their 6th record together. Immersive droney goodness.

  8. Sink The Outlook by Billow Observatory on Inner Citadel (felte)

    New Beautifully constructed four-track EP for your pleasure.

  9. Unfolding Atlantis by Matthewdavid's Mindflight on Trust the Guide and Glide (Leaving Records)
  10. Beside A Well by Chihei Hatakayama on Minima Moralia (kranky)
  11. Kyoto Rain by The Laszlo Project on Kyoto Rain (Lydian Label)
  12. The Desert Beckons by Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society on Wow and Flutter (Six Degrees Records)

    Musical thermostat at 72 degrees F.

  13. Led by a Blue Bird into the Mountain by Masayoshi Fujita on Led by a Blue Bird into the Mountain (Erased Tapes) New
  14. Velmead In Common by Pausal on Lapses (3083094 Records DK)