Indierockgirl Radio - March 13, 2022

The best new indie rock tunes, just as the name implies!


  1. The Drive by Widowspeak on The Jacket (Captured Tracks)
  2. The Otherside by Bobby Oroza, Cold Diamond & Mink on The Otherside (Big Crown)
  3. Underground pleasure by Hether on Underground Pleasure (Earslime)
  4. New Beginning by Automatic on New Beginning (Stones Throw Records)
  5. Personal Message by Melody's Echo Chamber on Personal Message (Domino Recording)
  6. A Castle Built for Two by The Asteroid No. 4 on A Castle Built for Two (Club AC30)
  7. Nothing to Do by Gorgeous Bully, Whorish Boorish on Nothing to Do (Gorgeous Bully)
  8. Lodger by Papercuts on Lodger (Slumberland)
  9. Just Say Play by Jerry Paper on Just Say Play (Stones Throw)
  10. Prince of the Winter by The Cleaners from Venus on Cleaned Up Collectibles Vol 2 (Mr. Mule)
  11. Integrated Paradox by Al Lover on Integrated Paradox (Fuzz Club)
  12. The Age of Aquarius by Yin Yin on The Age of Aquarius (Glitterbeat Records)
  13. Wildegeeses by RF Shannon on Wildegeeses (Keeled Scales)