Episode 14


  1. Dishonest by Ashton McCreight (Self-Release)
  2. 2 The Music by Kaytranada on Bubba (RCA)
  3. The Worst In Me (feat. Tinashe) by KAYTRANADA on BUBBA (KAYTRANADA, under exclusive license to RCA Records)
  4. Cosmix by Dayebeats (Self-Release)
  5. No Reason by City Nine (Club Coral)
  6. me de amor flip by Camoufly (Self-Release)
  7. Last Breath by Archr (Self-Release)
  8. safe by camoufly (Self-Release)
  9. sorority girls w/ Grant! by dev.n (Self-Release)
  10. Battle Boss by Codaclef (Self-Release)
  11. touch it bring it by dilushselva (Self-Release)
  12. Donda Chant (IJSKOWD FUVKUP) by IJSKOUWD (Self-Release)
  13. No Explanation (Prod. By Lil Rich) by Cousin Stizz on Suffolk County (Self-Release)
  14. panjabi bounce by paul mond (Self-Release)
  15. sweetheart by Aruu (Self-Release)
  16. drippwater w/ otxhello by DILIP (Self-Release)
  17. Put Yo Hands by Dexter Brandon (Self-Release)
  18. there was plenty time before us by deem spencer (Self-Release)
  19. volume loop by dkthepunisher (Self-Release)
  20. Vibes with Bob by J.L.L. (Self-Release)
  21. YOU GON’ LEARN SOME JAZZ TODAY by Masego on Loose Thoughts (TrapHouseJazz)
  22. Astro by Monte Booker (Self-Release)