The B0ardcast Episode 36


  1. Kirsty Cooper by Yummy Fur on Night Club (Slampt)
  2. Hey Listen by Listen Lady on Listen Lady 7 (Visit
  3. Ñ by Counter Culture on Dañosa Muñeca (Visit
  4. Missing Everyone by Fleabite on TTYL (Visit
  5. Series Of Six by Year Of Birds on 100 Club Series Vol.3 #1 ( (Visit
  6. Fun Forever by TeeTahs on Buzzkill (Visit
  8. The Bridge by SAUNA YOUTH on DISTRACTIONS (Upset The Rhythm)
  9. Fresh Pillow by FEATURE on Memory EP (Visit
  10. Shaved Head by FLESH WORLD on The Wild Animals In My Life LP (LUNGS-064) (Visit
  11. Jazz Off by Dog Legs on sorry/thanks/sorry (Visit
  12. Divorce Court by electric street queens on Live From Your Dreams, We're The... (Visit
  13. See Us Swell by Pennycress on SEE US SWELL (Visit
  14. Baby of the Earth by Vital Idles on DEMOS (Visit
  15. Body Police by The Girl Fridas on The Girl Fridas Love You (Visit
  16. Knee-High Susan by Crayon on Brick Factory (HHBTM Records)
  17. Memory Glands by Expert Alterations on Expert Alterations (Slumberland)
  18. In Two by Mini Dresses on FOUR (Visit
  20. Levitate Thigh by Heaters on Mean Green 7 (Visit
  21. The Girl Who Looked Like Bobby Gillespie by Mark Wynn on 'Bing Crosby Ice Cream. I can't believe it either, at least according to an old copy of Mojo music magazine I found in my Dad's loft' An Ep (Visit
  22. Stay by Primitive Hearts on Split (Visit
  23. Trackside Daze by The Gooch Palms on Trackside Daze / Sleep Disorder 7 (Visit
  24. Ghostly by Joey Ghostly on GHOSTLY (Visit
  25. ian is going to new zealand by Bugs Eat Books on demo (HHBTM)
  26. Favourite Song by Dream Whip on Dream Whip (Visit
  27. Georgia by all dogs on Georgia (Visit
  28. Brattleboro Is Flooding by The Lentils on Brattleboro Is Flooding (Visit
  29. Jon by Posse on Soft Opening (Visit
  30. Dylan Clones by woolen men on Rain Shapes EP (Visit
  31. Here and Take It by UV-TV on Demo (Visit
  32. Best Sides by The Reds, Pinks & Purples on A Fruits & Flowers Three-Way (Visit
  33. hotdogtown by John Rusch on reposed (Visit
  34. Look Of Pain by Ciggie Witch on Look Of Pain (Visit
  35. Magnet by Franny & Zooey on Bottled Up And Ready To Go (Visit
  36. Let's Flip A Coin by Tomiji on Tomiji (Visit
  37. soft and sweet by dear marje on demo (Visit
  38. Head Sick by TONER on LP (Visit
  39. Green Song by Blessin' on Do You (Visit
  40. So Famous I'm Fucked by The Rightovers on blue blood (Visit
  41. Medication by LVL UP on Hoodwink'd (Visit
  42. Heart Eyes (demo) by peach kelli pop on PKP & the Pats Pats Split Tape (Visit
  43. Forgiveness by Try The Pie on Domestication (Visit