spin the bottle sessions episode 26 !

Tune in today 2-4 pm ! Playing a smash hit collection worthy of an Oscar, or at least a high five.

Send me your tunes!


  1. fresh prince of bel air by will smith on fresh prince (umg)
  2. meanwhile back in the city by the presidents of the united states of America on freaked out and small (orchard enterprise)
  3. when im free by Death Valley girls on le butcherettes (suicide squeeze records)
  4. lonesome La cowboy by riders of the purple sage on adventures of panama red (Colombia)
  5. coming into los Angles by Arlo Guthrie on running down the road (the orchard enterprise)
  6. Filthy Rich by The Outsiders on the outsiders (Universal Music Group)
  7. miami by will smith on will smith (umg)
  8. testing my gangster by 3 six mafia on 3 six mafia (umg)
  9. I owe money all over town by blues lawyer on something different (self released)
  10. severs your right by the gruesomes on the gruesomes (umg)
  11. its Guna be a long night by ween on quebec (chocodog records)
  12. we are the road crew by motor head on ace of spades (bmg)
  13. junk rock by David Peel on Anthology (The Orchard Music)
  14. Johanna by iggy Pop · James Williamson on Kill City (Bug Music Publishing)
  15. From The Start by blues lawyer on something different (self released)
  16. Bell Park Loon by Spiny Normen on brown acid (riding easy records)
  17. Audio Drag For Ego Slobs by gustaf on Audio Drag For Ego Slobs (self released)
  18. She Took My Heart and Soul by The Premonitions on The Premonitions (the orchard enterprise)
  19. Dr. Strange Love by Doc Gunn on Rainbows & Snowflakes (bandog records)
  20. Kicker Tonight by novio eléctrico on novio eléctrico (self released)
  21. great start by Los Bitchos on los bitchos (umg)
  22. Servo by The Brian Jonestown Massacre on The Brian Jonestown Massacre (self released)
  23. smile by Joel gion on apple bonkers (self released)
  24. running around by the pranks on the pranks (self released)
  25. chessman in quartine by filthy fil and the parking tickets on filthy fil (self released)
  26. F.U.N. by Max Pain and the Groovies on Electro Cosmic (Psych Lake City Records)
  27. Akron/Family by there's so many colors on love is simple (young god records)
  28. seahorse by Devendra Banhart on Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. (beggars)
  29. undiscovered first by feist on Metals (umg)
  30. the light is about to change by brian jonestown massacre on brian jonestown massacre (self released)
  31. stuffs tuff by tuff stuff on tuff tuff stuffs tuff (self released)
  32. better weather by tuff stuff on tuff stuff stuffs tuff (self released)
  33. trimming bud by morning by drunk dom and the roaches on drunk dom and the roaches (self released)
  34. who loves the sun by chestoni arcenal (self released)
  35. chlorine fields by chlorine fields on chlorine fields (self released)
  36. When Jokers Attack by the Brian Jones town massacre on tomorrows hero's today (self released)
  37. ghost ghost by Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings on Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings (wave pop)
  38. SELF IMPROVEMENT by SELF IMPROVEMENT on visible damage (self released)
  39. autistic by Lawn Mower on autistic (self released)
  40. Ferryboat of the Mind by clinic on wheeltappers and shunters (domino)
  41. no more nice guy by motor head and Ozzy (umg)
  42. moms a capricorn by Ben Katzman's on DeGreaser (self released)
  43. creature by thank you come again on thank you come again (self released)
  44. spin my head around by the macks on Rabbit (self released)
  45. walk Kiko by Ryan gmos on Rhl room 3 stb session (self released)
  46. moonshine by l7 on the beauty process (wmg)
  47. hell by buzzed light beer on hell (self released)
  48. best behavior by gustaf on audio drag for ego slobs (self released)