Spin the bottle sessions episode 28 on air phone calls

Jam packed line up with more on air phone calls from all over! A few new jam recordings from our studio at RHLthere his  room 3. Tune in 2-4pm


  1. stb sessions by stb sessions on stb sessions (self released)
  2. barabajagle by Donovan on Barabajagal (epic)
  3. Saturday night by natural child on natural child (Rollo and Grady sessions)
  4. Too Drunk To Dream by The Magnetic Fields on The Magnetic Fields (wmg)
  5. lovers lane by doc gunn on rainbows and snowflakes (bat dog records)
  6. Tonight, I will fall in love by rose in stereo on rose in stereo (self released)
  7. 9 Miles High by rose in stereo on rose stereo (self released)
  8. sweet sunshine by Chlorinefields on chlorinefields (self released)
  9. The Only Way by witch on witch (ingrooves)
  10. is that even possible? by Chlorinefields on b/roll (sweet beesh records)
  11. The Way I Made You Feel by Ed Kuepper on Ed Kuepper (hot)
  12. Phoney Ailments by black Market karma on animal jive (flower power records)
  13. Delta Hand by black Market karma on technicolour liquid audio machine (flower power records)
  14. 69 faces of love by king khan and the shrines on what is ? (merge records)
  15. Don't Say You Love Me by miranda and the beat on don't say you love me (records dk)
  16. pyramid theories by Mink's Miracle Medicine on Mink's Miracle Medicine (cd baby)
  17. ripple by chlorine fields on b roll (self released)
  18. twist by body heat on twist (self released)
  19. suit by the vaxxines on the vaxxines (self released)
  20. something different by blues lawyer on something different (self released)
  21. best behavior by gustaf on audio drag for ego slobs (the orchard music)
  22. Giant’s Stroll” BOLERO! (Live at The Complex S.F.) by bolero! on bolero! (self released)
  23. Duck and Cover by Brian jonestown massacre on Brian jonestown massacre (self released)
  24. mess around by the cigarette bums on sidewalkin (sick city records)
  25. stb sessions by stb sessions on stb sessions (self released)
  26. the slug song by the clean on anthology (merge records)
  27. honey bee free by filthy fil on filthy fil and the tenessee grill (self released)