Ukraine Solidarity with Baqvas

Today's show is about showing solidarity with Ukrainian folks over the war they've been enduring for several months now. I curated this setlist as a reminder that this war is still going on, and as a reminder that the Ukrainian people are more than this conflict.

Ukrainian Artists (and artists of Ukrainian descent)

Bandcamp: svrm

Bandcamp: Delirium

Bancamp: AnimalChi

Bandcamp: Zola Jesus

Bandcamp: Zymosis

Bandcamp: Flëur

Bandcamp: zatishye

Bandcamp: Elena Voynarovskaya

Bandcamp: Заморожені Джунглі - Frozen Jungle

Bandcamp: Valentina Goncharova, Pekka Airaksinen - Rock Jazz

Bandcamp: jkilla

Bandcamp: Drudkh

Ways To Help Ukrainians & Ukrainian Refugees

Support the Ukrainian Army - UA843000010000000047330992708 (multi-currency account by National Bank of Ukraine)

Ukrainian Org: Savelife

Ukrainian Org helping children who've suffered from the war

 Polish fundraiser for fleeing people of color: (if you're using PayPal:

Razom, together with about 20 orgs, has created a trusted corridor from the US to Ukraine for the delivery of life-saving supplies. The channel connects 2 warehouses in Poland and Ukraine, from which supplies can then be delivered further.

donate to Ukrainian army:

a spreadsheet of verified NGOs: ideas on how to help:

 newest info:


  1. Lost by Zola Jesus on ARKHON (Sacred Bones Records) New
  2. Хтонь by Delirium on Некролог (elek) New
  3. Вавилонская башня by Elena Voynarovskaya on Pilgrims (Gerbarek Records)
  4. Колыбельная для взрослых by Flёur on Осколки // Shards (Self Released) New
  5. Плющь by энималчи on Всё в порядке (Venona Records)
  6. зе драмс by zatishye on в порту (FUJI JR)
  7. 3 ways to the Moon by Zymosis on Elements into data (Sunline Records)
  8. DISTURB by .jkilla (Self Released) New
  9. Only the Wind Remember My Name by Drudkh on Estrangement (Supernal Music)
  10. Поклик могил by svrm on Червів майбутня здобич (Self Released) New
  11. Solo Fugitive by Солано​-​Bтікач on Заморожені Джунглі - Frozen Jungle (So Healthy Music Cologne) New
  12. Rock Jazz by Valentina Goncharova, Pekka Airaksinen on Recordings 1987​-​1991 Vol. 2 (Shukai)