b.a.a.a.m. radio (ep. 25)

aries season is in full swing. and i'm an aries. tune in!!!


  1. Bring Down the Birds - Outtake by Herbie Hancock on Blow Up (Turner)
  2. An Undersea Stone by Boys Age (Self-released)
  3. Fro by Luna Luna, Pretty Boy Aaron (Self Release)
  4. OUTTA MY MIND by Monsune (self released)
  5. Helmet by Noah Salem, Melody Rose Murray on Pocket (Neon Sun Village)
  6. Cheer up, You're Not Dead Yet by Blockhead on Uncle Tony's Coloring Book (Blockhead)
  7. Classic by RICEWINE on Mornings (Self released)
  8. In the sun again by Sunny Day Service on the CITY (ROSE RECORDS)
  9. Mahjong Room by Ginger Root on Mahjong Room (Acrophase)
  10. Bad Pin by TEMPOREX on Bowling (NBI under exclusive license to Independent)
  11. April Baby by Summer Salt (Cherry Lime Records) New
  12. Venetian Blinds by Reptaliens (Captured Tracks)
  13. If I Wanted To by GUPPY (LAUREN RECORDS) New
  14. Hesitation by Hot Flash Heat Wave on Neapolitan (Self released) Local
  15. Police Police Potato Pig by Gumby's Junk (Self released) Local
  16. Featured Stoney Baloney by Juicebumps on Jelly (Self-released) Local
  17. All I Need by Small Crush on Small Crush (ASIAN MAN RECORDS) Local
  18. This High by Paul Cherry on Flavour (Feeltrip Records)
  19. Ladypants by Pinstripe Sunny on Bossa Loser (676213 Records DK)
  20. Spring Time Blues by Marsandaras (M*A*R*S) on Songs for Martians (self - released)
  21. The Carol In Her Eyes by Solomonophonic (Self Release) Local
  22. You Might Be Sleeping (w. Clairo) by Jakob Ogawa on Bedroom Tapes (Playground Music Scandinavia AB)
  23. Weird Dreams by Mae Powell on Both Ways Brighter (self released) Local
  24. Yung Love by Inner State 81 on A Midsummer Nice Dream (Inner State Media)
  25. LoveKills!!! by 9th Wonder on Zion II (Jamla Records)
  26. What by elinex (دنیای خنده دار)
  27. Abeja by Mndsgn & Sofie on Sofie's SOS Tape (Stones Throw Records)
  28. Beautyful Beauti by Brainstory on Buck (Big Crown Records)
  29. Keep Kool by Winona Forever (Self released)
  30. You Can't Turn Me Away by Sylvia Striplin on Give Me Your Love (Uno Melodic Records)
  31. Sweetest Thing on This Side of Heaven by Papa Bear & His Cubs on You're so Fine (Athens Of The North)