Episode 15


  1. New Ways (of Love) by ROWAN (Self-Release)
  2. alltime[b] by ahwlee on Single (Self-Release)
  3. Call Me by ANH on Single (Self-Release)
  4. Break
  5. 17 Diamonds by blaccmass on Single (Self-Release)
  6. Don't by DeeJay Vone on Single (Self-Release)
  7. earfquake carti verse by auxtin marc on single (Self-Release)
  8. Pay (For What) by Mr. Carmack on Bang, Vol. 3 (Self-Release)
  9. Big Boy Time by MadBliss on Single (Self-Release)
  10. Remember to Remember by Mr. Carmack on Remember to Remember (Self-Release)
  11. Etherial by Rvdical the Kid on Single (Flow Fi)
  12. STP by Cousin Stizz on Trying to Find my Next Thrill (RCA)
  13. Watch Over Me by Cozy Kev on Single (Self-Release)
  14. Lifespring by Cozy Kev on Single (Self-Release)
  15. Fade by bsterthegawd on Single (Self-Release)
  16. nothing even matters by Monte Booker on Single (Self-Release)
  17. Etherial by Rvdical the Kid on Single (Self-Release)
  18. Wunna by eldarkinz on Single (Self-Release)
  19. Dum Dum by OHGODDC on Single (Self-Release)
  20. CRYOUT by LUcki on WAKE UP LUCKI (Self-Release)
  21. Widebody by LUCKI on The World is Lucki's (Self-Release)
  22. LIVING HELL by Sappy on Single (Self-Release)
  23. Came Out Bouncing by mattagain! on Single (Self-Release)
  24. butta by montea booker on Single (Self-Release)
  25. Pinball by R.A.P. Fierra on Purple Moonlight Pages (Self-Release)