The Infinite Kaleidoscope 57 "Dark Hour"

Tonight is a special dark hour, where we can don our best black clothing, flip on the fog machine, lower the lights, close our eyes, twirl around and enjoy.

"Radio Oscura" with Heather Vee


Cold Beat, "Year Without a Shadow"

Trisome 21, "The Last Song" (watch actual 80s club kids dance)

Nuovo Testamento, "The Searcher"

Choir Boy, "Eat the Frog"

Executioner's Mask, "Things Fall Apart"

Night Ritual, "My Dream"

Double Echo, "Melody Saw"

Second Still, "Recover"

Tempers, "Unfamiliar"

Cathedral Bells, "Dayflower"

Into Grey, "The Process"

BAMBARA, "Sing Me to the Street"

New Order, "Procession" (and one of my favorite songs of all time)

Music under my voice: Tropic of Cancer, "Be Brave"


  1. Year Without a Shadow by Cold Beat on Year Without a Shadow - Single (℗ 2021 Like Ltd) Local
  2. The Last Song by Trisomie 21 on Chapter IV - Le Je-Ne-Sais Quoi Et Le Presque Rien (℗ 1986 Trisomie 21)
  3. The Searcher by Nuovo Testamento on New Earth (℗ 2021 Avant! Records)
  4. Eat the Frog by Choir Boy on Gathering Swans (℗ 2020 Dais Records)
  5. Things Fall Apart by Executioner's Mask on Winterlong (℗ 2022 Profound Lore) New
  6. My Dream by Night Ritual on U N B E C O M I N G (℗ 2021 Night Crawler)
  7. Melody Saw by Double Echo on (℗ 2021 Fabrika Records)
  8. Recover by Second Still on Second Still (℗ 2017 Manic Depression)
  9. Unfamiliar by Tempers on New Meaning (℗ 2022 Dais Records) New
  10. Sonar by Riki on Gold (℗ 2021 Dais Records)
  11. Hyperion by Primal Wound on Hyperion - Single (℗ 2021 Manimal Group, LLC) Local
  12. Dayflower by Cathedral Bells on Ether (℗ 2020 Spirit Goth Records)
  13. The Process by Into Grey on Into Grey - EP (℗ 2020 Into Grey)
  14. Sing Me to the Street by BAMBARA on Stray (℗ 2019 Wharf Cat Records)
  15. Procession by New Order on Singles (℗ 2016 Warner Records 90 Ltd)
  16. Be Brave by Tropic of Cancer on The End of All Things (℗ 2012 Downwards)