Sounds In The Dark - 4.27.22

Tonight's edition features some absolutely fantastic new work from Hannah Peel, Claire Rousay, Floraleda Sacci, Roger Eno, Ryan Teague, Fennesz, Jazzanova and tons more!


  1. Low Cloud, Dark Skies by Roger Eno on The Turning Year (Deutsche Grammaphon GmbH)

    New A beautiful set of piano compositions reminiscent of Harold Budd, with strings from Scoring Berlin - Brian Eno's brother Roger has always been an outstanding composer and musician in his own right and it shows here.

  2. Oltremare by Floraleda Sacchi on Ludovico Einaudi (Amadeus Arte)

    Newest record from the Italian harpist. Among my other favorites from her are her performances of Erik Satie's work.

  3. A Meeting By The River by Ry Cooder + V.M. Bhatt on A Meeting By The River (Water Lily Acoustics)

    One of my favorite Ry Cooder records from 1993 (he's also a very talented short story writer - check out his book Los Angeles Stories. Incredible command of character development and narrative voice.

  4. Soft Topography by The Green Kingdom on Imaginary Habitats (The Green Kingdom)

    New Great new full-length from the Green Kingdom!

  5. Hanging D - Colin Benders Rework by Joep Beving on Conatus (Deutsche Grammophon GmbH)

    Benders' remix of a track that originally appeard on Beving's 2017 record Prehansion

  6. Splitting Light by Light Conductor on Sequence Two (Constellation)

    Just holy crap this is cool. Light Conductor is the duo Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes) and Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy) out of Montreal, Quebec.

  7. Inventions For Disklavier 1 by Ryan Teague (King Tree)

    New Disklaviers are cool instruments - acoustic pianos that are MIDI-enabled and can play back sequences. Awesome results here! This is a single from Teague's forthcoming record Collected Piano Works, which will be released on May 6th.

  8. Aus by Fennesz on Hotel Paral.lel (Editions Mego)

    New One of the more 'musical' tracks on a fantastic record full of noise and interesting soundscapes. Who doesn't love a sample-and-hold lowpass filter?

  9. Root in 7-4 Plus by Jazzanova + Sean Haefeli on Strata Records - the Sound of Detroit - Reimagined by Jazzanova (180 Proof Records)

    New Sweet new record in which Jazzanova and 180 Proof Records' DJ Amir reimagine 11 tracks from Detroit's historic jazz label.

  10. Part Cloud by Hannah Peel & Paraorchestra on The Unfolding (Real World)

    New Seriously - incredibly beautiful soundscape and as it turns out, a hit record in the UK from Peel (no relation to the late BBC legend John Peel, OBE).

  11. in between days by awakened souls on night songs (Past Inside The Present)

    New Absolute gorgeousness from James and Cynthia Bernard.

  12. it feels foolish to care by Claire Rousay on everything perfect is already here (Shelter Press)

    New Composer Claire Rousay's most recent work, which ticks all the boxes for me, including the use of random interesting sounds and voices in the background. It's just a perfect track.

  13. Digital Droplets by Robert Farrugia on Iota (Robert Farrugia)

    New A warm sonic blanket - three minutes of beauty.

  14. Magic by Frederik Valentin on 0011000 (Posh Isolation)