slowcore & lo-fi


  1. Familiar Fields by Duster on Together (Numero Group) New
  2. swallowed sword by sun is poison on i thought i left you in eden (self-released) New
  3. Jangle by Helvetia on Dishes are Never Done but Good Luck (self-released) New
  4. Speak to Me, Pt. 2 by Quiet Commotion on All Others Strange (Trash Tape) New
  5. Late Time Stroll by Asian Glow, Weatherday on Weatherglow (Porcelain) New
  6. Float by Blood Estate, Wulven on Floodgate (self-released) New
  7. Thereupon the Glass by Poorly Drawn House on Home Doesn't Have Four Walls (Candlepin) New
  8. Sundown by deathcrash on Return (Untitled Recs Limited) New
  9. Reveal by 40 Watt Sun on Perfect Light (self-released) New
  10. oh sun by carter c on like all the suns and the moons (friend's house) New
  11. Toontown by MJ Lenderman on Boat Songs (Dear Life) New