Ep 219: "BRAND"

Episode tile "BRAND" is the name of a song by Greyhound, all proceeds from their album Scorched Earth (bandcamp) go to Self Help Hunger Program's Temporary Housing Fund in Oakland.

The City of Oakland just announced that it will allow 6.7% rent increases effective July 1, 2022. This is the highest rate approved in 25 years, because the annual allowable rent increase is based on a regional Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is obviously in an aberrant phase. If you live in Oakland, you can contact your city councilperson here and let them know how you feel about the impact of such an increase on the community.

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  1. All Power to the Looters by Katsy Pline on No Peace in the Valley (self released) Local
  2. i go to the railroad tracks (45 seconds of a 22 minute poem) by Tongo Eisen-Martin on I go to the railroad tracks and follow them to the station of my enemies (Rocks in Your Head) Local
  3. Carrot by Credit Electric on single (self released)

    Local Friday at Amado's: Credit Electric/ Hectorine/ Michael James Tapscott

  4. 4 in the Morning by Hectorine on TEARS (Paisley Shirt) Local
  5. Michael's 19th Nervous Breakdown by Michael James Tapscott on The Only Dance There Is (self released) Local
  6. Break
  7. Clear Vision by Bad Tiger on Single (Brace Cove)

    Local Wednesday at the Makeout Room, BFF.fm Presents: Bad Tiger/ Gorgeous Dykes

  8. Swords Reversed by Gorgeous Dykes on Swords Reversed (Psychic Eye) Local
  9. BRAND by Greyhound on Scorched Earth (self released) Local
  10. near you by the umbrellas on the umbrellas (Slumberland Records)

    Local Saturday 5pm Early Show at the Knockout: The Umbrellas/ Flowertown/ Lunchbox

  11. Dim Nik by Flowertown on Time Trials (Paisley Shirt) Local
  12. Before and After by Lunchbox on After School Special (Slumberland) Local
  13. Rattlesnakes in the City by Spiritual Cramp on Here Comes More Bad News (Industry Standards) Local
  14. Peace by Stanley Ipkuss & Jada Imani on Water for the Town v.4 (SMARTBOMB) Local
  15. Jane's Lane by Plastic Candles on Dust (Paisley Shirt) Local
  16. Mind Search by Samplelov ft. TV Blonde on Earthbound (self released) Local
  17. By the Sea by Yea-Ming & the Rumours on So, Bird... (Dandy Boy) Local
  18. Sevilla by Josiah Flores on Awful Feeling (self released) Local
  19. New Dust by Try The Pie on single (Get Better) Local
  20. The Spark by Lavender Blush on You Are My Moonlight (Blue Aurora Audio/ Shelflife) Local
  21. Tostones En Harlem by Nimsins (self released) Local
  22. Fantasy by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Chapters of Zdenka (Brainfeeder) Local
  23. A Dull Boy by Papercuts on Baxter's Bliss EP (self released) Local