Alley Cat Radio (Episode 93)


  1. Drivin by Willow Avalon on Drivin (Self Released)
  2. Fire for You by Cannons on Shadows (AntiFragile Music)
  3. motions (feat. FLOOR CRY) by dj poolboi, FLOOR CRY on Single (Unbelievably Spectacular)
  4. Cassette by Swiss Portrait on Single (ZTapes)
  5. Hot Blooded by New Constellations on Single (Self Released)
  6. Baby Baby by Sports on Get a Good Look (Naked Records)
  7. Bad Dreams by Canon on Single (Sony)
  8. What Did He Say by Nite Jewel on Good Evening (Gloriette Records)
  9. Hit the Spot by Surfing on Deep Fantasy (Airlines)
  10. A Quiet Evening by Ruby Haunt on Blue Hour (℗ 2018 Ruby Haunt)
  11. Emotion feat. Wild Nothing by Molly Burch, Wild Nothing (Captured Tracks)
  12. Bibles by Jaja Bu (Self released)
  13. Waltzing Back by No Vacation (Self-Released)
  14. Faces by No Swoon on No Swoon (Substitute)
  15. Your Name by Bernache (Self Released)
  16. Crushin' by Film School on Bright To Death (Hauskat Records)
  17. Dream, Ivory by Dream, Ivory on Dream, Ivory (Self released)
  18. Taste The Sunset by Emmett Kai on Baby Hits! (Emmett Kai)
  19. Scorpion by Dream, Ivory on Single (Self Released)
  20. Synthetic Memories by Pleasure Nature (Self released)
  21. A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers by Yumi Zouma on Alena (Cascine)
  22. So Far Away by Part Time on Spell #6 (Burger Records)
  23. Porch Song by Orchid Mantis on Yellow House (Z Tapes)
  24. Later by Alex Siegel (Self released)
  25. Set Piece by Vansire on Angel Youth (Spirit Goth)