Episode 184 - UNDER HIS EYE

SCOTUS's upcoming ruling string down ROE will push half of this nation into a backwards, women hating posture that's sure to kill a lot of Americans.

The war on women, people of color, the poor and the disabled should have you pissed off, palpably enraged and ready to fight for every right we deserve.

Unloading the broadside of truth and rock.



  1. Clint Eastwood / The Upsetters by The Upsetters on Clint Eastwood (Pama Records)
  2. Taliban U.S.A. by Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine on Tea Party Revenge Porn (Alternative Tentacles)
  3. Eight Miles High by Husker Du on Eight Miles High (SST)
  4. Pink Riff by Kanaan on Earthbound (Jansen) New
  5. Hey Fuck You by The Beastie Boys on To the 5 Boroughs (Capitol)
  6. Gloria: In Excelsis Deo by Patti Smith on Horses (Arista Records)
  7. Chinese Rocks by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers on Chinese Rocks/Born to Lose (Jungle Records)
  8. Reverence by Jesus And Mary Chain on Honey's Dead (Plain Recordings)
  9. Blank Generation by Richard Hell & the Voidoids on Blank Generation (Sire)
  10. Nail biters by Cheerbleederz on Nail biters (Alcopop!) New
  11. Dancer by Queen on Hot Space (Hollywood)
  12. Living in America by James Brown on Living in America (Warner)
  13. P.U.N.K. by New England on New England (Geffen)
  14. What Kind Of Monster Are You? by Slant 6 on Soda Pop * Rip Off (Dischord)