Saturday Morning Soul Salvation: The Lorde Giveth


  1. To Be Young by Dave Rawlings Music Machinge on A Friend of a Friend (Acony)
  2. Traveling by Jimmy Carter on Summer Brings the Sun (Numero)
  3. Time for Peace is Now by Fanstastic Shadows on World Spirituality Classic (Columbia)
  4. Rivers of my Mind by Rose CIty band on Rose City Band (Thrilljockey)
  5. FIve Year Kansas Blues by FJ McMahon on Spirit of the Golden Juice (Accent)
  6. More Brother Rides by Palace Music on Viva Last Blues (Domino)
  7. Sycamore by Bill Callahan on Woke on a Whaleheart (Domino)
  8. Afterglow by Arthur and Yu on In Camera (Elektra)
  9. Dress Sexy at My Funeral by Smog on In Camera (Columbia)
  10. Child of God by Josephine Foster on Blood Rushing (Fire)
  11. All the Reaching Trims by Daniel Romano on Finally Free (You've Changed)
  12. Lucky Strikes and Liquid by Jeff Cowell on Lucky Strikes and Liquid (Numero Group)
  13. Hurry Up Now by Harumi on Harumi (Verve)
  14. Jealous Guy by Donnie Hathaway on Never My Love (Atco)
  15. DOn't Make Promises by Tim Hardin on Tim Hardin 1 (Verve)
  16. Anything Could Happen by The Clean on Compilation (Flying Nun)
  17. Mr. Rabbit by Paul Westerberg on Stereo (Reprise)
  18. The Dark Don't Hide It by Magnolia Electric Record Company on What Comes After (Secretly Canadian)
  19. Let It Ride by The Soundcarriers on Harmonium (Ghost Box)
  20. Like a Rolling Stone by Spirit on The Mercury Years (Mercury)
  21. Get It On Time by Black Lips on Sing in a World (Fire)
  22. River by Terry Ried on River (Astro)
  23. Don't Move Back to LA by Okerville River Band on The Rainbow Rain (EMI)
  24. Saltwater by Geowolf on Great Big Blue (Pias)