"blisters blossom on my heart"


  1. Solo by NOW Ensemble on Sean Friar: Before and After (New Amsterdam)
  2. Komorebi by Rane Moore, Peggy Pearson, Gabriela Diaz on Marti Epstein: Nebraska Impromptu (New Focus) New
  3. Perso, ma felice by Bobby Mitchell on Martin Scherzinger: Scherzinger Etudes (New Focus)
  4. Tania León: Esencia: I. Agua de Florida by Bergamot Quartet on In the Brink (New Focus) New
  5. Tania León: Esencia: II. Agua de Rosas by Bergamot Quartet on In the Brink (New Focus) New
  6. Tania León: Esencia: III. Agua de Manantial by Bergamot Quartet on In the Brink (New Focus) New
  7. Tesseræ by Marco Fusi, Christopher Trapani on Christopher Trapani: Horizontal Drift (New Focus) New
  8. Zoon by Amanda Berlind on Green Cone (Curious)
  9. d'Afrique III by Notes Inégales, Torbjörn Hultmark, Peter Wiegold (director) on Envoi (Club Inégales)
  10. Let the Coins Decide by Beth Schenck on Above and Below (Innova) New Local
  11. More Of The Good Stuff Later by Kalia Vandever on Regrowth (New Amsterdam) New
  12. Separation by Eliza Bragg, Borah Han, Adam Holmes, Pat Swoboda on Gemma Peacocke: Waves & Lines (New Amsterdam)
  13. All Of This Is True by Do Make Say Think on Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is Dead (Constellation)
  14. White Wolf by Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom on Glitter Wolf (Royal Potato Family)
  15. Saxofone Funeral by Sam Gendel on Satin Doll (Nonesuch)
  16. Al Mursal (The Messenger) by Mohammed Wardi on Two Niles To Sing A Melody - The Violins And Synths Of Sudan [Disc 2] (Ostinato)