dream pop


  1. Don't Leave Me in the Rain by Hatchie on Giving The World Away (Secretly Canadian) New
  2. She Spins by Letting Up Despite Great Faults on IV (self-released) New
  3. TEST by RAY on Green (DISTORTED) New
  4. Frankie by Barrie on Barbara (Winspear) New
  5. I Feel Fine by Reptaliens on Multiverse (Captured Tracks) New
  6. Blue Arcade by Caroline Loveglow on Strawberry (self-released) New
  7. Picture Window by Kristine Leschper on The Opener, Or Closing of a Door (Anti) New
  8. Sunset Boulevard by Renata Zeiguer on Picnic in the Dark (Northern Sky) New
  9. Over and Over by Beach House on Once Twice Melody (Sub Pop) New
  10. 기다려준 새벽 (Following Her to No Particular Sunrise) by Della Zyr on Vitamins and Apprehension (Longinus) New
  11. Melissa by Stop Talk Modstone on MEW (Haru to Syrua) New
  12. All Too Soon by trentemøller, Lisbet Fritze on Memoria (In My Room) New