The Infinite Kaleidoscope 60 “I Love You”

This is the 60th time we have gathered here together inside another Infinite Kaleidoscope!


Dennis Wilson, "I Love You"

SRSQ, "Saved For Summer"

Beach House, "Only You Know"

The Church, "Almost With You"

CASTLEBEAT, "Looking For Something"

Jane Inc., "Picture of the Future"

La Luz, "Call Me in the Day"

El Perro del Mar, "Love Confusion"

Grouper, "Cloud In Places"

The Ocean Blue, "When Life Was Easy"

Surfing, "Hit the Spot"

Brijean "Shy Guy"

Seablite, "Breadcrumbs"

You'll Never Get to Heaven, "Dust"

Music under my voice: Cluster, "Sowiesoso"


  1. I Love You by Dennis Wilson on Pacific Ocean Blue / Bambu (Deluxe Legacy Edition) (℗ 2008 Caribou Records, 1977, 2008 Sony Music Entertainment)
  2. Saved For Summer by SRSQ on Ever Crashing (℗ 2022 Dais Records) New
  3. Too True To Be Good by Dum Dum Girls on Too True (℗ 2014 Sub Pop Records)
  4. Only You Know by Beach House on Once Twice Melody (℗ 2022 Sub Pop Records)
  5. Almost With You by The Church on The Blurred Crusade (Remastered) (This Compilation ℗ 2010 Sony/ATV Northern Productions Pty Limited)
  6. Looking For Something by CASTLEBEAT (℗ 2022 Spirit Goth Records) New
  7. Picture of the Future by Jane Inc. on Faster Than I Can Take (℗ 2022 Telephone Explosion Records) New
  8. Call Me in the Day by La Luz on It's Alive (℗ 2013 Hardly Art)
  9. Love Confusion by El Perro del Mar on Pale Fire (℗ 2012 El Perro Del Mar)
  10. Cloud In Places by Grouper on The Man Who Died In His Boat (℗ 2013 kranky)
  11. When Life Was Easy by The Ocean Blue on Cerulean (Sire Records)
  12. Hit the Spot by Surfing on Deep Fantasy (℗ 2016 Airlines)
  13. Shy Guy by Brijean on Angelo (℗ 2022 Ghostly International) New Local
  14. Levitate by COOL HEAT on Levitate - EP (℗ 2021 Spirit Goth Records)
  15. Breadcrumbs by Seablite (℗ 2022 Emotional Response) New Local
  16. Dust by You'll Never Get to Heaven (℗ 2021 Mystic Roses)
  17. Sowiesoso by Cluster on Sowiesoso (℗ 2009 Bureau B / 1976 Sky Records)