1. Abraham's Theme by Vangelis on Chariots of Fire Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Spheric B.V.)
  2. Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord by Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes on Astral Traveling (Flying Dutchmen)
  3. Break
  4. Shadows by Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echos on Expansions (Ace)
  5. Night Flower by Lonnie Liston Smith on Exotic Mysteries (Sony)
  6. Summer Afternoon by Lonnie Liston Smith on Silhouettes (Sony)
  7. Break
  8. 2/1 by Brian Eno on Ambient 1: Music For Airports (Polydor)
  9. In A Silent Way by Miles Davis on In A Silent Way (Sony)
  10. Break
  11. Love From Room 109 at the Islander by Tim Buckley on Happy Sad (Elektra)
  12. Time Forest by Hiroshi Yoshimura on Green (AIR Records Inc.)
  13. Horizon I've Ever Seen Before by Hiroshi Yoshimura on Pier & Loft (17853 Records)
  14. Break
  15. You're My Alter Ego by James Williams and ICU on Truth, Justice & the Blues (Evidence)
  16. Translinear Light by Alice Coltrane on Translinear Light (Verve)
  17. Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang on Light of Worlds (Delight Recorded Sound)