The B0ardcast Episode 37


  1. Loan by The Cathys on Hysterical Monument (Visit
  2. Silencer by FAULT on HEY017 : (Visit
  3. Firebell Ringing by The Pastels on Thru' Your Heart / Firebell Ringing (CDS) (label)
  4. justine by Kissing Party on Looking Back It Was Romantic But At The Time I Was Suffocating (Visit
  5. Little Mouse by Listen Lady on Listen Lady 7 (Visit
  6. My Trebly Underground by The Rightovers on blue blood (Visit
  7. A Theory of Drowning by The Lentils on Brattleboro Is Flooding (Visit
  8. Molly Ringwald by Strawberry Story on Gravy (Visit
  9. Too Fast For Radio by The Thyme Machine on Wake Up with The Thyme Machine (Visit
  10. Night Time by Fred Thomas on album (label)
  11. Break
  12. Past Afar by Catwalk on album (label)
  13. The Kids at the Club by Comet Gain on album (label)
  14. Powdered Blue by The Frenchmen on album (label)
  15. Books About UFOs by Husker Du on album (label)
  16. Can't Stop by Babaganouj on album (label)
  17. Don't Want to Be Grant McLennan by Smudge on album (label)
  18. Neon Lights by Kraftwerk on Album (Label)
  19. Come On Let's Go by Broadcast on album (label)
  20. Shape Up! by Club 8 on album (label)
  21. Oogum Boogum by Brenton Wood on album (label)
  22. Two Types (feat. Ian Svenonius) by Las Kellies on album (label)
  23. European Son by The Velvet Underground on album (label)
  24. Holiday Routine by Nar on History (Jigsaw)
  25. The Way to Market Station by The Aisler's Set on The Last Match (Slumberland)
  26. Teenage Years by Sui Zhen on album (label)
  27. The Eighth Wave by Suzanne Ciani on album (label)
  28. Appalachian Grove III by Laurie Spiegel on album (label)
  29. New Pops by Golden Grrrls on album (Slumberland)
  30. My Name Is Death by Incredible String Band on album (label)
  31. Anesthesia by Dean Wareham on Luna Demos 1991 (Visit
  32. My Teeth Are Sharp by American Culture on Pure American Gum (Visit
  33. Parking Lots by Told Slant on Still Water (Visit
  34. Walk Up The Street by The Modern Lovers on The Original Modern Lovers (Òîëüêî äëÿ îçíàêîìëåíèÿ)
  35. Raunch Stomp by Guantanamo Baywatch on Surf N Turf (Visit