Sounds in the Dark - 5.18.22

Tonight's edition features new music from Garth Stevenson, Marconi Union, Pete Kuzma, Sofie Birch, the Ambient Jazz Ensemble and plenty more!


  1. Never by Loscil on The Sails, Pt. 2 (Scott Morgan)

    New The second installment of a compilation of commissioned pieces for dance written and performed by Loscil.

  2. Ensoul by Ambient Jazz Ensemble on London Fields (Here & Now Recordings)

    New Single from AJE's forthcoming record that drops on July 1st.

  3. Zion Pt. 1 by Pete Kuzma (Hydr8shun Records)

    New New single from Kuzma. Not sure if a record is in the offing - maybe!

  4. The Ilex by Marconi Union on Versions EP (Just Music)

    New New EP from Marconi, this is an alternative take on ‘Looking Through The Ilex’ from Signals.

  5. Fugue 1 by Tape & Bill Wells on Fugue (Immune Recordings)

    From a favorite EP I've been spinning again over the last couple of weeks.

  6. Pntps 6 by Bill Wells and Stefan Schneider on Pianotapes (Karaoke Kalk)

    An older Bill Wells collab from 2010 worth your time to enjoy.

  7. Kuiper by Floating Points on Kuiper (Pluto)
  8. Kingdom of the Wind by The Gentleman Losers on Make We Here Our Camp of Winter (The Gentleman Losers)
  9. Tuva by Garth Stevenson on Voyage (Garth Stevenson Music)
  10. City Boy by Judd Greenstein + Now Ensemble on Dreamfall (New Amsterdam)
  11. The Sun XIX by Sofie Birch on The Sun XiX (Intercourse)

    New New 3-track EP from Birch, following up on two other short releases this year, plus her 2021 full-length entitled Repair Techniques.

  12. Warbling by Gallery Six on meandering flow (Gallery Six)

    From a cool split record with stabilo from 2015.

  13. Neo Biedermeier - Daniel Brandt's Version by Paul Frick on Hofknicks (col legno music GmbH)

    A cool remix record with 14 reimaginings of Frick's 2021 record.

  14. Emp. Man's Blues by The For Carnation on The For Carnation (Touch and Go)