Altered Images #238 05/25/2022 “May Ga’ Mixes”


  1. Sketch for Summer by The Durutti Column on The Return of the Durutti Column (Factory)
  2. Art Of Noise Mix by Art Of Noise on Back To The 80s Vol. 1 (DMC)
  3. Greatest Hits Mix by Adam & The Ants on I Love New Romantic Vol. 1 (DMC)
  4. Final Groove Mix by EWF & Cece Peniston on Earth Wind And Fire Vol. 1 (DMC)
  5. Twilight Cafe by Susan Fassbender on 100 Hits - 80s (Castle)
  6. Human (Rutti Kroese Remix) by Human League on I Love The Human League Vol. 1 (DMC)
  7. 80s Soul Mix by VA - Mixed by Les Hemstock on VA - DMC Vol. 153 (DMC)
  8. Megamix (Alan Coulthard) by Culture Club on VA - I Love The 80s Vol. 1 (DMC)
  9. The Mega Chics Parts 1,2 & 3 (Alan Coulthard) by Chic on I Love Chic Vol 1 (DMC)
  10. Who Ate All The Pies by Bad Manners on VA - I Love Ska Vol. 1 (DMC)
  11. Megamix (Alan Coulthard) by Human League on I Love The Human League Vol. 1 (DMC)
  12. Clouds Across The Moon by The Rah Band on 100 Hits - 80s (Castle)
  13. Mirror Mirror by Dollar on Shooting Stars (Carrere)
  14. Stay Fabulous by Marshall Crenshaw on The 9 Volt Years - Battery Powered Home Demos & Curios (1979-198?) (EMI)