spin the bottle sessions episode 31!

WHAT !!!a week of a great shows all over the city Guna recap some it all in this mix today!Plenty of new ones coming up next month stay tuned ! and stay safe

2-4pm Mondays!


  1. Молчат Дома (Molchat Doma) by Молчат Дома (Molchat Doma) on Молчат Дома (Molchat Doma) (umg)
  2. north by north by the bats on the bats (the orchard music)
  3. freaps delight by the looseys on the looseys (self released)
  4. Electro Cosmic Chronic Jam by max pain and the groovies on electro cosmic chronic jam (wave records)
  5. Sweet Talkin' Candyman by beyond the valley of dolls on beyond the valley of dolls (IIP-DDS)
  6. Point That Thing Somewhere Else by The Clean on anthology (merge records)
  7. Some Strange Lust by the premonitions on the premonitions (distro kid)
  8. serves you right by THE GRUESOMES on cave in (garage rock revival)
  9. miles away by blues lawyer on something different (self released)
  10. happy by uvtv on happy (self released)
  11. biohazard by Momma on two of me (danger collective records)
  12. crime wave by Kate Clover on Kate clover (self released)
  13. into the valley of death by The Whatever on 60s garage rock (60s garage rock)
  14. Valley Of Hate by just luv on just luv (garage rock 60s)
  15. Johnny's Got a Gun by dead moon on defiance (ingrooves)
  16. Nintendo 64 by Alex G on un released (self released)
  17. dr strange love by doc gunn on rainbows and snowflakes (bat dog records)
  18. disaster is what we are after by Death Valley girls on Death Valley girls (suicide squeeze)
  19. basement song by the organ on grab that gun (604 records)
  20. Coisa Nova by leza on leza (self released)
  21. I try by The Young Tyrants on The Young Tyrants (garage rock)
  22. With Love and Squalor by rose on rose in stereo (self released)
  23. ill wait for you by Alex G on easy (self released)
  24. 20th century boy by t rex on t rex (Universal Music Group)
  25. born to die by king khan and the shrines on king khan and the shrines (merge media)
  26. spit me out by body heat on twist (self released)
  27. thick skin by The Mystery Lights on the mystery lights (wick records)
  28. singer in a rock and roll band by the moody blues on the moody blues (umg)
  29. goodbye butterfly by Brian Jonestown Massacre on single (self released)
  30. When are you Coming Home? by miranda and the beat on miranda and the beat (red front records)
  31. sleepy silver door by dead meadow on dead meadow (the orchard music)
  32. world on fire by Tilden on Tilden (self released)
  33. I Got My Mojo Working by shadows of the knight on gloria (rhino Atlantic)
  34. more than this by Roxy music (umg)
  35. mother of pearl by roxy music on roxy music (umg)