1. Babygirl by CTM on Babygirl (Posh Isolation) New
  2. decade (Flora Yin-Wong mix) by yourmirror on remirrored (Analog Editions) New
  3. Slow Loris Versus Poison Snail (feat. Jon Hassell) by David Toop on Pink Spirit, Noir World (Foam On A Wave) New
  4. Gilbert and George (Dec 30 Rehearsal) by HTRK on Death is a Dream (N&J Blueberries) New
  5. Strangled Love by Samuel Kerridge on Kick to Kill (Kick to Kill) New
  6. 0.75ed by Kevin Drumm on 120121 (VAKNAR) New
  7. A Thing, Just Silence by Merzbow & Lawrence English on Eternal Stalker (Dais) New
  8. Fossil Painting by Earthen Sea on Ghost Poems (Kranky)
  9. Gardening by Julia Reidy on Gardening (Longform Editions)