1. It's Just Your Style by Aasthma & Jonnine on It's Just Your Style (Monkeytown) New
  2. celine by Pontiac Streator on Select Works . vol III (Self-released) New
  3. Untitled 5 by Final on It Comes To Us All (Alter) New
  4. Leap by Kevin Drumm on 120121 (VAKNAR) New
  5. The Visit by Merzbow & Lawrence English on Eternal Stalker (Dais) New
  6. lyssof by Marina Herlop on Pripyat (PAN) New
  7. Body in a Room by Valentina Magaletti on A Queer Anthology of Drums (bié) New
  8. Melting Hazard by Salamanda on ashbalkum (Human Pitch) New
  9. Sigourney by Eartheater on Meantime (Qu Junktions)
  10. Featured Hope Song (feat. Teriberka Pomor Choir) by Ivan Zoloto on Black Album (School of the Arts) New