Alley Cat Radio (Episode 96)


  1. Diamond by All Them Witches on ATW (All Them Witches)
  2. Withering Heights by Minor Birds on Withering Heights (Chelsea Wilde)
  3. Fire In These Lungs by Casey Chisholm on The Worst of Casey Chisholm (Casey Chisholm)
  4. Break
  5. Jewel Eyed Judy by Fleetwood Mac on Kiln House (Reprise)
  6. The Girl Who Waited by Minor Birds (Minor Birds)
  7. Wet Dream by Wet Leg on Wet Leg (Domino)
  8. I Love You, But I Need Another Year by Liza Anne on Fine But Dying (Liza Anne)
  9. House of Bones by Minor Birds (Minor Birds)
  10. Not All Knots by Mourning Mountains (Actually, Nothings Real)
  11. Ghost Mountain by Minor Birds (Minor Birds)
  12. Suspended In Gaffa by Kate Bush on The Dreaming (EMI)
  13. Marked For Death by Emma Ruth Rundle on Marked for Death (Sargent House)
  14. Kemosabe by Everything Everything (Everything Everything)
  15. Tin Soldier by Minor Birds (Minor Birds)
  16. Jesse Younger by Kris Kristofferson on Jesus Was A Capricorn (Sony)
  17. Free Wine by Rainbow Girls on Rolling Dumpster Fire (Rainbow Girls)
  18. Howl by Minor Birds (Minor Birds)