Monday Maintenance: 6/20/2022


  1. Note To Self (feat. Empress Of) by Jim-E Stack on EPHEMERA
  2. 1000 Realities by Geronimo! on Cheap Trick
  3. Back to You by Twerps on Range Anxiety
  4. Break
  5. Come Around by Galore on Galore
  6. Sleepwalkin' by Better Oblivion Community Center on Better Oblivion Community Center
  7. Break
  8. Fade to White (feat. Emily REO) by Blackbird Blackbird on Modern Disbelief Ep
  9. Velodrome by 2nd Grade on Hit To Hit
  10. Break
  11. Moods by Sonny on Moods Baby Moods
  12. Not So Bad by Anna Burch on If You're Dreaming
  13. How Simple by Hop Along on Bark Your Head Off, Dog
  14. The Cult Song by Shannon and the Clams on Sleep Talk
  15. Sun City Creeps by Woods on City Sun Eater in the River of Light
  16. The Only Reason The Club Was Made by The Invisible Cities on Houses Shine Like Teeth
  17. Pretty Grim by Greys on If Anything
  18. False Anthem by Summer Cannibals on Can't Tell Me No
  19. Full Screen by Adult Mom on Soft Spots
  20. Break
  21. The Hearse by Wampire on Curiosity
  22. Break
  23. Everlastingly Yours by Piroshka on Brickbat
  24. Give/Take by Porridge Radio on Every Bad
  25. Stupid in the Dark by Xiu Xiu on Angel Guts: Red Classroom
  26. Winter Linn by Clark on Clark
  27. Eyedrops by Goodwill Tapes from Outer Space on Goodwill Tapes from Outer Space
  28. Infinite Desert by Delorean on Subiza
  29. Why'd You Have to Go by Clintongore on Clintongore
  30. Outlier by Bonobo on Migration
  31. Hold Open My Head by Nai Harvest on Hold Open My Head
  32. We Got Game by The Radio Dept. on Running Out of Love
  33. Every Heaven In Between by Chasms on The Mirage
  34. Murder The Season/The Age Nocturne by Two Gallants on We Are Undone
  35. Cry! by Caroline Rose on LONER
  36. Your Deodorant Doesn't Work by LIPS on I Don't Know Why I Do Anything
  37. Oh in This World of Dread, Carry On by Eskmo on Language Ep
  38. Break
  39. Bunker Funk by Damaged Bug on Bunker Funk
  40. Send and Receive by Tycho on Past Is Prologue
  41. ALL MY BEST SHIT by Spice on SPICE
  42. Black Dog by Arlo Parks on Collapsed in Sunbeams
  43. Thundher by Jimi Nxir on GXLD
  44. Break
  45. Premonition by Burnt Ones on I Need You Bad
  46. Fairgrounds by Kenny Tudrick on Church Hill Downs/ Fairgrounds
  47. Past the Beginning of the End by Trentemoller on Into the Great Wide Yonder
  48. I Exhale by Underworld on Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future