ugliest son radio — episode 6(66) — steamed hams


  1. Featured THESE STREETS by Moms With Bangs on JAZZERCISED (Self-released)

    Local Show @ Cornerstone Berkeley on 7/29

  2. Featured To Me From Me by Scary Scare (Self-released) Local
  3. Featured Abstract Blues by Kim Gordon, J. Mascis on Single (Sub Pop)

    Mosswood Meltdown artist

  4. Cryin My Eyes Out by Shannon Shaw on Shannon In Nashville (Easy Eye Sound) Local
  5. Featured Underdog by The Dirtbombs on Ultraglide in Black (In The Red)

    Mosswood Meltdown Artist

  6. Featured Valley to LA by Bleached on Don't You Think You've Had Enough? (Dead Oceans)

    Mosswood Meltdown Artist

  7. Featured Learn to Live by Flipper on Love (Self-released)

    Mosswood Meltdown artist

  8. Featured Reject All American by Bikini Kill on Reject All American (Kill Rock Stars)

    Mosswood Meltdown artist

  9. Featured Born Blonde by Hunx and His Punx on Street Punk (Hardly Art)

    Mosswood Meltdown artist

  10. Featured Fuck Buddy by Pansy Division on Singles & Such (Self-released)

    Mosswood Meltdown artist

  11. Featured Get Up, Get Up by The Younger Lovers on Sugar in My Pocket (Southpaw Records)

    Local Mosswood Meltdown artist

  12. Featured Panic Attack by Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries on Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries (Emotional Response)

    Mosswood Meltdown artist

  13. Featured Don't Stay Down by Typical Sip (Self-released)

    Local Show @ El Rio 6/30

  14. Featured Vampire Riding Down Quintara on Mopeds by Golfball Jr on Golfball Jr (Golfball)

    Local Show @ The Convent Art Space on July 8th

  15. Stairs by Plush Palace on Plush Palace (Self-released) Local
  16. Wrap the Summer by Nina Durango on I Hate Myself and I Want to Dance (Self-released) Local
  17. Wayward by bed. on klickitat — EP (Bug Hunt)
  18. Bodied Up by Kevin Nichols on Disappointer (Slang Church) Local
  19. Featured Dead When It Started by Rip Room on Alight and Resound (Sptartan)

    Local Album release show @ Stork Club on 7/14

  20. Jinx by Pork Belly on Jinx & Chew (Single) (Self-released) Local
  21. Featured POINTLESS HEX by Ex-Heir on GLIMPSES & MURMURS (Self-released)

    Local SHOW @ EL RIO ON JUNE 30TH

  22. Dance the Night Away by Spectre Hearts on LO (XYZZE)
  23. Lost In Translations by Kule (Self-released)
  24. No Home Planet by Scrunchies on Feral Coast (Self Released)
  25. S.W.A.S. by Teen Mortgage on Life/Death (King Pizza)
  26. Sleep by Hysterics on Sleep (Self-released)
  27. Checked Out by Pet Fox on A Face In Your Life (Exploding In Sound)
  28. Claw Machine by 1-800-Mikey on Plushy (Under the Gun)
  29. Orange Krush by Trash Vampires on Orange Krush (Self-released) Local
  30. Triple Dog by Sundog (Grizzly Hole)
  31. You're In Love With Junk by The Problem With Kids Today on Junk (Get Right)
  32. Lowdown by Wire on Pink Flag (Harvest)
  33. Featured General Frustration by Wicked Pricks on Perseverance (Self-released)

    Local Show @ the Convent SF on July 8th (Ugliest Son Show — Proceeds go to Abortion Advocacy)

  34. Simple Life by Summer Cannibals on Full Of It (Kill Rock Stars)
  35. Okay by Skinny Girl Diet on Heavy Flow (Trunk)
  36. Fraidy Cat by Juicebumps on Hello Pinky (Lil Slugger)
  37. Featured Ovation by Kal Marks on My Name Is Hell (Exploding In Sound) New