"born under a rolling thunder"


  1. Blue Burning by Meg Baird and Mary Lattimore on Ghost Forests (Three Lobed)
  2. Fjellvant by This is How we Fly on Foreign Fields (Playing With Music)
  3. a kind of promise by Claire Rousay on a softer focus (American Dreams)
  4. Terrain by Jacob Cooper with Ashley Bathgate, Theo Bleckmann & Jodie Landau on Terrain (New Amsterdam)
  5. Blown-Out Joy from Heaven's Mercied Hole by A Silver Mt. Zion on He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms (Constellation)
  6. Humectez La Mouture by Stars Of The Lid on And Their Refinement of the Decline (Kranky)
  7. Hello Night by Zoë Keating on Into the Trees (Deluxe Edition) (self released)
  8. Three Arches by Faten Kanaan on Nisf Madeena (Ma3azef)
  9. Opened Ending by Jessica Moss (Constellation)
  10. Young And Old by Gregor Samsa on 55:12 (The Kora)
  11. Wishing Well by Julianna Barwick on Healing Is A Miracle (Ninja Tune)
  12. Venus by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (Kranky)
  13. A Minute Is A Long Time by Jane Bruckner on Agnes (self released)
  14. Sun by Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck on Stardust (Touch)
  15. White Flower, Dark Hill by Nailah Hunter on Spells (LEAVING)
  16. Tezeta by Time Wharp on Spiro World (LEAVING) New
  17. Splash 144 by Kara-Lis Coverdale on Aftertouches (Sacred Phrases)
  18. Final State by Kaki King on Modern Yesterdays (Cantaloupe)
  19. Music for Hard Times: Epilogue by The Living Earth Show, San Francisco Girls Chorus with Valérie Sainte-Agathe and musicians from San Francisco Conservatory of Music with Edwin Outwater on Danny Clay: Music for Hard Times (self released) Local
  20. I am a rock by Majel Connery on The Rivers are our Brothers (Musica Sierra) Local
  21. Perhaps It Made Us Happy For A Minute by Hannah Peel & Paraorchestra on The Unfolding (Real World)
  22. Flora Urbana Absumpto by Green-House on Solar Editions (LEAVING)
  23. Rolling Thunder by LUMP on LUMP EP (Dead Oceans)