Ep 227: "Change the Way It Goes"

Episode title "Change the Way It Goes" is from my new favorite song, "Empty Heads" by Helpful People. (bandcamp)

Today is my birthday and all I want is to match donations to National Network of Abortion Funds! If you can afford to donate but haven't yet done so, let me multiply it, no matter how small the amount.

As Robin Marty of West Alabama Women's Center says of the post-Roe world, "this is a long-term state border crossing movement now."

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  1. Empty Heads by Helpful People on Broken Blossom Threats (Burundi Cloud) Local
  2. Beachwalkers by Flowertown on Half Yesterday (Mt.St.Mtn./Paisley Shirt) Local
  3. VENT by Ovrkast. (do more.) Local
  4. Hold Them Tight by Judith Horn on Forgotten Summer (self released) Local
  5. Rattlesnakes in the City by Spiritual Cramp on Here Comes More Bad News (Industry Standards) Local
  6. Lemon Year by Blue Zero on Welcome to Oakland compilation (Dandy Boy Records) Local
  7. The Knife by Adrenochrome on In Memoriam (self released) Local
  8. Playing House by R.E. Seraphin on Swingshift (Dandy Boy)

    Local Thursday at the Knockout: R.E. Seraphin/ Tony Jay/ Boyracer

  9. Ode to Little Bird by Tony Jay feat. Al Harper on Hey There Flower (Paisley Shirt) Local
  10. Bottom of the Sea by India Sky on Bottom of the Sea (Ratskin) Local
  11. This Evening Also by Topographies on Ideal Form (Funeral Party) Local
  12. Rock Inside My Shoe by Mayya (Calar) Local
  13. Under the Gun by Toner on White Buffalo Roam (Smoking Room)

    Monday July 4, in Oakland 27th & San Pablo Ave: SMOKED OUT VOL. II: Celebrating Seven Years of Smoking Room: Toner 8 year anniversary!/ Happy Diving/Hotline TNT/Poison Ruïn/ Glo/ MOP/ Wyatt Smith Band/ Lurks. Pre-show July 3 with New Circle and World Smasher

  14. Hello Peru by Abracadabra on Abracadabra (Anniversary)

    Local Tuesday at the Rickshaw Stop: Abracadabra/ Haiku Hands (Australia)/ Foamboy (Portland)

  15. Heart String Special by Mejiwahn, Liv.e on Single (Hot Record Societe) Local
  16. Fuck I.C.E. by Mae Powell on Both Ways Brighter (Park the Van) Local
  17. I Think I Like It by Practicing Sincerity (self released)
  18. Blue Sky by Hectorine on TEARS (Paisley Shirt) Local
  19. Frog by Beast Nest on Sicko (Ratskin Records) Local