The British Are Coming 07-10-2022

Hot Chip! False Heads! Fred again...! Los Bitchos! Harrison BDP! Oliver Sim + MORE!


  1. Eleanor by Hot Chip (Domino)
  2. Bug Eggs by Dry Cleaning on Bug Eggs/Tony Speaks! (4AD)
  3. Clouds by Maria Chiara Argirò on Forest City (Innovative Records)
  4. Millipede by Crake on the politics of lonely (SR)
  5. Rabbit Hole by False Heads on It's all there but you're dreaming (Lovers)
  6. CHEMICALS by Kasabian on ST (sony music entertainment UK)
  7. Make It Happen by The Teenagers on Reality Check (merok)
  8. Dead Disco Dancer by O.Children on Dead - Single (Deadly People)
  9. Lover Boy by James Righton on ST (Deewee)
  10. Devil I Know by Okandi on ST (Olutobi Olowokandi)
  11. Driving At Night by JAWS on the ceiling (SR)
  12. the link is about to die by los bitchos on let the festivals begin (tune core)
  13. Plays - Erol Alkan Rework by Working Men's Club on ST (heavenly)
  14. Decompression by Harrison BDP on fair (shall not fade)
  15. Milk & Honey by Hollie Cook on ST (mr bongo worldwide)
  16. No Driver by The Lounge Society on ST (speedy wunderground)
  17. GMT by Oliver Sim on ST (young)
  18. Into The Sun by Superorganism on ST (domino)
  19. Elephant by KEG on ST (alcopop!)
  20. Jungle by Fred again... on ST (Atlantic)
  21. Pieces by Tourist on Everyday (monday)
  22. Pods by Two Shell on Pods (Mainframe Audio)
  23. yeah, mud! by Humour on ST (so young)
  24. Missing You by SG Lewis on ST (jasmine)
  25. Giant Palm by Naima Bock on Giant Palm (Sub Pop/Memorials Of Distinction)
  26. Green by Bull on Discover Effortless Living (young thugs)
  27. Chainsaws by Perspex on ST (SR)
  28. London Bridge by Dave Rowntree on ST (cooking vinyl)
  29. Something Pretty by The Waeve on Something Pretty (Transgressive)
  30. It Gets Easier by Andy Bell on flicker (sonic cathedral)
  31. Marbles by Lime Garden (So young)