Sounds in the Dark - 7.13.22

Tonight's edition features new tunes from Pjusk + Chihei Hatakayama, K. Leimer, Ambient Jazz Ensemble, Sarah Davachi, Mogwai, and lots more to keep your evening relaxation or mental flow going.


  1. Titles by Mogwai on Black Bird (Apple Video Programming LLC) New
  2. London Fields by Ambient Jazz Ensemble on London Fields (Here & Now Recordings) New
  3. Buka by Hania Rani on Live from Studio S2 (Gondwana Records)
  4. Contracts by Archie Shepp on Mama Rose (SteepleChase)

    Featuring Jasper Van't Hof on keyboards. From a 1982 live performance.

  5. To Stanko by Jakob Bro + Arve Henriksen + Jorge Rossy on Uma Elmo (ECM)

    Great 2021 record featuring Bro (guitar) Henriksen (trumpet) and Rossy (drums)

  6. Fields Of Vision by Halftribe on Lucent Forms Travelling (1769931 Records DK)
  7. Break
  8. Earthship by LAV + Purl on Earth and Beyond (AMONE)
  9. Frozen Desert by Lauge on Pusterum (Lauge)
  10. Quell by Hollie Kenniff on The Quiet Drift (Western Vinyl)
  11. Break
  12. En Bas Tu Vois by Sarah Davachi on En Bas Tu Vois (Late Music) New
  13. An End To Love Songs by K. Leimer on The Starting Errors (Palace of Lights) New
  14. Morkebla by Pjusk + Chihei Hatakayama on Svaberg (Fnugg Fonogram) New
  15. Break
  16. Daughter by Raum on Daughter (Raum/Yellowelectric)
  17. Apollo by Shuta Yasukochi on Borealis (PURRE GOOHN)
  18. Spiders Blanket the Sky by Cleveland Wehle on Shade of Blue (Cleveland Wehle)