Kassingle Ladies Vol. 1


  1. Trouble - From "Grey's Anatomy: Season 18" by TWIN (American Broadcasting Music Inc.)
  2. Guess I'm Jaded by Goldroom & Moontower (minerva music)
  3. late night talking by Harry Styles on 2022 (erskine records limited)
  4. Hair Toss, Arms Crossed by Mark Ambor on 2022 (mark ambor llc, Hundred Days Records)
  5. Always Gonna Let You Down by gloomy june on single (Left Ghost)
  6. Why Am I Like This? by Orla Gartland on 2019 (2019 Orla Gartland)
  7. Math by Sara Kays on 2022 (Atlantic Recording Corp)
  8. Fingers Crossed by COIN on 2015 (columbia records)
  9. 21 Questions by Waterparks on 2016 (equal vision records)
  10. Wolves (You Got Me) by Dreamers on This Album Doesnt Exist/ 2016 (fairfax entertainment group)
  11. Fingers Crossed by Lauren Spencer-Smith on 2022 (Three Name Productions, Inc)
  12. ON THE EDGE by Noah Ransom (Ransom Music Publishing)
  13. adcdefu (angrier) by Gayle (Atlantic Recording Corporation)
  14. Lone Survivor by The Wrecks (Big Noise Music Group)
  15. As It Was by Harry Styles on Harry's House (Columbia)
  16. State of Mind by Moontower (Take Care Incorporated)
  17. Featured its okay to be lonely by Mothe (mothe) New
  18. Featured Somewhere in Your Dreams by Mothé on 2022 (Slowlab Records) New
  19. Sweet Disaster by Dreamers on This Album Doesnt Exist/ 2016 (Fairfax Entertainment Goup)
  20. By Now by East Love (2022 East Love) New
  21. Go the Distance by New Rules on 2022 (2022 Elektra Records LLC) New
  22. angelina by lostboycrow (lostboycrow under nettwerk music group inc)
  23. Jude's Song by Connor Price (4 of Clubs LLC) New
  24. Who Knew? by Moontower (Take Care inc) New
  25. Drunk Texts by New Rules on Go the Distance (2022 Elektra Records LLC) New
  26. Ojai by TWIN on Single (Twin Records) New