transfiguration #249 special guest mix by Stu Pender Brooklyn NY

special guest mix by Stu Pender for the 1st hour

Stu Pender music


  1. la historia de la nina junco by Federico Durand on La Nina Junco (12K)
  2. Rebuild a Nation by Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble on Where Future Unfolds (International Anthem)
  3. St. Cloud by Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society on Simultonality (eremite records)
  4. Dancing Lions Juggling Fish by Phillip Nangle on Dancing Lions Juggling Fish (self released)
  5. Pelas Ruas by Fabiano Do Nascimento on Ykytu (Now-Again Records)
  6. M O S A I C by Photay with Carlos Niño on An Offering (self released)
  7. Biologue by John Haycock & John Ellis on Didymus (Limefield records)
  8. Creo Que Puedo Hacer Algo by Mabe Fratti on Será que ahora podremos entendernos (unheard of hope)
  9. In/On by Daniel Villareal on Panamá 77 (International Anthem)
  10. Entrance by Anna Butterss on Activities (Colorfield Records)
  11. Rakkasjokk by Daniel Ögren on Laponia III (sing a song fighter)
  12. Strange Feeling by Stu Pender on (unreleased) ((unreleased))
  13. Suite Por L'Invisible by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (kranky)
  14. A Belle Undressing by M. Sage & Claire Rousay on A Belle Undressing (Florabelle)
  15. Untitled Improvisation (unreleased) by Stu Pender on (unreleased) ((unreleased))
  16. Remember Love by John Lennon & Yoko Ono on unfinished music no.1 two virgins (secretly Canadian/ chimera music)
  17. Guardians of Eden by Wax Machine on Hermit's Grove (Batov Records)
  18. Helena by Sessa on Estrela Acesa (Mexican Summer)
  19. Nap Song by Kikagaku Moyo on Kumoyo Island (Guruguru Brain)
  20. Intro by Halftribe on Elegant, Golden (Dronarivm)
  21. back by Noah on Noire (flau)
  22. TREASURE THAT I TREASURE by Sam Gendel & Antonia Cytrynowicz on LIVE A LITTLE (Psychic Hotline)
  23. Slow Flow by Misha Sultan on Roots (Hive Mind Records)
  24. Blissed For a Minute by JOYFULTALK on Familiar Science (Constellation)
  25. Ainda É Cedo by Leonardo Marques on Early Bird (self released)
  26. Nascer, Viver, Morrer by Tim Bernardes on Mil Coisas Invisíveis (Psychic Hotline)
  27. Once I Was by Leslie Winer & Maxwell Sterling on Once I Was - Single (Light In The Attic Records)
  28. Easyjet by Leoni Leoni on Leoni Leoni (Bongo Joe)
  29. The Meaning of Love by Perfect Angels on Exit from the Ultra-World (La Loi)
  30. Coca Cola Blues by The Holydrug Couple on SBXV Todo Muere (Sacred Bones Records)
  31. World to Come by Tomato Flower on Gold Arc (Ramp Local)
  32. Clouds by Maria Chiara Argirò on Forest City (Innovative Leisure)
  33. Lamba Pr 03 (feat. Ekin Fil) by Koray Kantarcıoğlu on Loopworks 2 (Discrepant)
  34. Jc (Lost in Leysin) by Areliz Ramos on Jc (Lost in Leysin) - Single (3674085 Records DK)