Spin the bottle sessions episode 33

After a long break here we go again with another spin the bottle session.Tons of great shows this month tune Guna re cap them all on this show every Monday 2-4 pm ! Help donate to bff.fm  and Stay tuned for more!


  1. always something by UV TV on always something (self released)
  2. fear and power by self improvement on fear and power (self released)
  3. skull by sebadoh on bake sale (sub pop records)
  4. best behavior by gustaf on best behavior (self released)
  5. let it burn by goat on single (rocket recordings)
  6. understood by built to spill on when the wind forgets your name (sub pop records)
  7. seeds to sow by Scowl on scowl (flatspot records)
  8. She Took My Heart and Soul by the premonitions on the premonitions (bickerton records)
  9. tequila by dirty harps on dirty harps (self recording)
  10. Buena Onda by leza on leza (self releases)
  11. dr strange love by doc gunn on rainbows and snowflakes (batdog records)
  12. Point That Thing Somewhere Else by the clean on point that thing somewhere else (Merge Media Ltd)
  13. bog by the sutros on the sutros (self released)
  14. lo slung by black Market karma on liquid audio machine (tune core)
  15. filling time by SELF IMPROVEMENT on visible damage (self released)
  16. dead to me by Scowl on how flowers grow (flatspot records)
  17. miles away by blues lawyer on something different (self released)
  18. know it tonight by Slick! on slick (self released)
  19. fuck bobby by buzzed light beer on hell (self released)
  20. bad woman by fallen angles on single (umg)
  21. dr francis by good time sam and the heartbreaks on single (self released)
  22. Charlyne by mister heavenly on out of love (umg)
  23. spit me out by body heat on body heat (self released)
  24. Mom's A Capricorn by Ben Katzman's DeGreaser on single (self released)
  25. ants! by juice bumps on hey pinky (self released)
  26. Run To Your Mama by goat on world music (rocket recordings)
  27. milk beerd by milk sheet on milk sheet (self released)
  28. dead man walking by the losers on the losers (will house records)
  29. surf school shootout by single dean on The Strongest Muscle Is the Tongue (self released)
  30. conspire by tuff stuff on tuff stuff (self released)
  31. great start by los bitchos on los bitchos (self released)
  32. tv age by slaughterhouse on tv age (self released)
  33. not coming home for Christmas by filthy fil on single (self released)
  34. valley of hate by just luv on single (umg)
  35. we took the wrong step years ago by hawkwind on in search of space (umg)
  36. America river by destroy boys on destroy boys (hopeless records)
  37. master of the universe by hawkwind on in search of space (umg)